1-monsoon 006

The azure sky turned asphalt

It roared and waited  a while

Down came the ethereal drops 

They all danced, on the rocks .



51 responses to “Raindrops

  1. Simple words, refreshing captures (especially the verde colored one) and great use of Simile here. Love it….If I am allowed a suggestion a different background may help your photographs come alive…Just IMHO……


  2. You simply made me recall my favu Oz singer Dusty Slim’s song ‘when the rain tumbles down in July …’ listen to it you will love it.
    Great post like ever.


  3. If i put the comment on your other haiku i was sure i won’t get this stunning one 🙂 .
    maniparna i have a lot of work and my mind is not clam.so only after some days i will post anything.i only said this to you because you look to me as a genuine friend.wherever you are working i am sure you can be a good role model.That is a gift and i have not said this just for praising you.god bless.


    • agar tujhe pasand nahi aayi to forget it.when i started blogging i posted about my rain memories from our village.


      • Maniparna next week we are leaving our village and we are moving to a rented house in town(such a situation came).you know which is the most hardest part.The days before i leave.All that (nature, people,buildings)which i saw everyday now looks fresh different as they are saying you don’t belong here.That village was the soul behind all the blog topics i wrote 🙂


  4. Another beauty… when glistening raindrops on leaves , turns them into some bright shiny treat … then they are called maniparna… jeweled leaves! one of many meanings of your name !


  5. Hello there,

    Well written, four lines conveyed a lot. I absolutely loved it 🙂

    Are those pics also taken by you? If yes, then in the first pic did you switch on the flash? If yes, try not using the flash or reducing the power of flash. Flash can leave the other areas dull which are not in focus. My observation 🙂

    Have a great day (y)


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