Haiku : Full Moon

1-Shantiniketan 122

silvery droplets

oozed and melted the night sky

the moon beamed and bloomed

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34 responses to “Haiku : Full Moon

  1. Interesting how some see a rabbit in the moon, see the ‘face’ as belonging to a man and others still see the Moon as a Sister. I think beaming and blooming represent the feminine part.

    Some over growth makes it hard for any light. But there must be some good angles for the sun as weeds do grow in that spot.

    Thanks for visiting by ‘B’ Carpe Diem post. ~Jules


  2. Intensely visual haiku, and mysterious and dramatic, making ot very powerful. As always, your haiku bring much to the mind. The photo of the moon is brilliant, broody and moody!
    -your ‘new’ picture nicely captured and framed too by the way.


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