On Religion


The word religion originates from Latin religio or religare meaning ‘obligation’ or ‘bond’ . Long ago there was only one religion..the religion of humanity . But then with the advent of mankind and  , with the growth and rise of civilization different religions emerged and eventually people were left with  multiple options .

There is nothing wrong to have options as long as they are left to choose from . But history holds the witness that religious gurus and fanatics have distracted common people in every age making them compromise with their beliefs and religions.  ” Compromise” is really an understatement . Many of the wars have been fought for the sake of religion whereas any sane person is well aware of the fact that the basic principles of all religions are same. They all preach the value of humanity , to ameliorate sin by doing good things , to be kind to others and to respect other religions’ dogmas and principles .
But why then they are so different ? The difference actually lies in the way by which we show our respect and gratification to God , or Allah , or Ishwar. But we forget that we all , with the same zealousness , are praying to Him …the ultimate Creator . He may have different incarnations but He is the One and Only and we all are same to Him.

Thus, He created a ubiquitous sky for us all , the air in which we can all breathe . The Great Creator neither discriminates among his children nor He has any religion.
But does that mean that religion is unnecessary or an over-hyped thing ? Well, the question is quite controversial but it’s difficult to think of one’s existence without any strings attached to religion. As I have mentioned already , it’s an obligation , a bond which we carry with us , knowingly or unknowingly. It’s like an invisible cloak . Find the one that fits you but it’s better if you don’t pursue others wear your cloak .

There’s no harm if we genuflect before the altar but we shouldn’t disrespect the person who doesn’t . And above all ,  a little act of kindness can make one more religious than the person who spends hours in a temple, church or a mosque. For we must remember ,
“There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” — Mahatma Gandhi

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57 responses to “On Religion

  1. I share your views, Mani. High time people realize these truths…
    The opening quote that- ‘I respect religion & will respect any religion’ is true for me too 🙂


  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on such a sensitive topic. It felt like a curry of Belief, facts and emotion seasoned with a tadka of diplomacy. In this age being ethical and respectful human being could be an ultimate religion. 😉


  3. Hello Mani,

    Views put in very nicely. This is a very sensitive topic in our country. A topic on which mass murders and communal riots happen. A topic that decides the fate of the entire country may it be elections or whatever. You have put forward your views in a very simple way…Amazing 🙂

    To be honest, I consider religion subjective. No religion or religion following has the right to harm a human being, neither has it the right to get concessions at education and work place. It’s just a way of life, it should be like that. People should actually take the good values from every religion and live, let live.

    My visit to a place of worships are negligible, but I do remember my maker once in a while, of course during the hard times 😛 . I don’t know if that makes me less religious 😀

    Keep writing 🙂 Cheers

    PS: I also check out your blog once in a while like you do 😛


  4. Maniparna, I am amazed that you have written so wonderful things in such a small and crisp post…That is what they call flair of writing or expressing the views right…I thoroughly loved this post…So beautiful it is 🙂


  5. Maniparna, I am amazed that you have written so wonderful things in such a small and crisp post…That is what they call flair of writing or expressing the views right…I thoroughly loved this post…So beautiful it is 🙂


  6. Well expressed on this topic, I somehow try to escape from this discussion. I feel the less discussed it is, more there will be peace all around.


  7. Since ages men have twisted religion for their own convenience and have snatched away the true essence of it. *sigh*
    Well written post sweets 🙂


  8. Well written post, Maniparna . I am not a very religious person but am affected by it in a cultural , literary and spiritual sort of way…. so all religions are good for me as they all have some stories to tell and wisdom to impart….all you need is will to look into.Guess, Being Human is Being Religious.
    PS – I just promoted my cousin’s fav. actor Salman Khan 😛 she loves him….religiously 🙂


  9. Nice to see an opinion article Maniparna. I like your take on things. I agree, religion has mostly been used as a word for the selfish desires of certain individuals finally actually forgetting what it is meant to be, the unified truth and hu,mility and tolerance above all..


  10. I am a nonbeliever, when it comes to religion. But I follow Mahatma Gandhi’s view on this matter: let people follow their religion. My problem is that people don’t follow their religion; they use it for furthering their ulterior motives. The problem lies there actually.


  11. Is religion necessary to help someone,the answer is no.is religion necessary to pray to god answer is no.Is religion necessary to not sin,the answer is no.are there many gods?the answer is no.will my parents let me marry a hindu girl no.do we need religion yes why? i don’t know 😆


      • Are agar god nahi hota me itne ache poems kaise likunga bahan.he is my best friend whom i share all my secrets 🙂 you know the best friends i had in college were muslims and i know a lot of things about your culture and custom(i believe you are a muslim).so
        since i said some rubbish you stopped reading my haikus.Well that is just great.


      • Hey when you get time write a post on hinduism.i think you have enough knowledge.The vedas,good stories from scripures,ramayan how your temple related customs work,why krishna stole the butter in childhood 🙂 i still loves to see serials where hanuman laughs hysterically,two arrows meeting together one disappearing what great childhood memories we have and next generation is gonna miss lot of things right sister?


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