Haiku : Morning Glory

1-Shantiniketan 148

cocooned in petals

soft blissful light of the dawn

morning glory blooms

Shared with Carpe Diem Haiku Kai where the prompt was Chiyo-Ni ‘s  wonderful ” Morning Glory ” haiku

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47 responses to “Haiku : Morning Glory

  1. Haikus are beautiful and they are supposed to show and not tell. Once upon a time I was hooked to this form of poetry but whenever I tried to write one I was told to try again. Sad isn’t it?


  2. your haiku always present a beautiful positive energy which i believe is something incredible where as mine are a mix of emotions right?


    • And how on earth you took such a beautiful picture is the flowers infront of your home?Regarding the final in the end i just felt it was just asking too much from messy.but what a player what a gentleman he is gonna recieve every accolades related to foot ball i believe.germany they really played some fantastic football all through this world cup and their die hard approach to score a girl in the last half an hour showed everyone how much they deserve it 🙂


      • maniparna please don’t miss this classical interview ok-http://sherinchelad.wordpress.com/2014/07/13/a-great-interview-i-heard-from-a-preacher/


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