Borosil : Making Food Beautiful Along With Life

It is said that ” first we eat and then we do everything else ” , and to eat obviously we need food .So food is of utmost importance in our lives.This is the simple motto of my husband , who  likes to call himself an explorer of food . Naturally, when it comes to his birthday , I’ve to prioritize food over gift .

Now , to me food doesn’t mean only cooking and eating . I believe in presentation and quality cooking and so I painstakingly choose my cookware and serving accessories . I put my full trust on Borosil in this matter for they not only have the widest range of  kitchen accessories but also they never compromise with quality.

It was on His last birthday that I wanted to make some delectable dishes which he prefers over his life. We Bengalis have a never ending crave for fish , especially Ilish or Hilsa fish which is said to be the silvery crop of water . I decided to prepare ‘baked Hilsa’ for the occasion. The very smell of this fish sends a tickling sensation down to our mouth . Taste has an intimate relationship with our olfactory lobes and it is not possible for us to enjoy the taste to the fullest without the smell. As I was cooking  , the typical scent of the fish  carried me away . I prepared the gravy with mustard paste and grated coconuts and as I added the  green chilies , it smelled heavenly .The fleshy pieces of Hilsa dipped in that gravy looked so inviting ! I took out my Borosil Casserole which is microwave proof and can stand heating up to 350°C . Moreover because of its depth , it’s ideal for this particular dish. After 10 minutes ,when I took out the casserole , the mouth-watering  chunks of fishes looked well-cooked . I couldn’t resist myself to taste and the soft , juicy piece just melted in my mouth , leaving the lingering taste of tangy mustard on my tongue … the sensation took me straight to umami heaven !!! I put a bit of mustard oil on it and garnished it with green chilies and and sliced tomatoes .

The next item which I prepared was another favourite of my hubby . It’s an exotic dessert which I make with tender coconuts . I maneuvered a spoon  to scoop out the  semi-solid , creamy layer of a tender coconut and put it in a large Borosil Vision Glass . This particular glass is tall and uniform in shape which is needed  for the preparation . I filled the glass with chopped dates, pomegranates and small pieces of mango layer by layer , each one is separated from other by a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. As I topped it with a cherry , the tall glass looked like a ramp model wearing a dainty dress .I put it in the refrigerator and began to prepare the table for the dinner.

I put two tall tapered candles on the table and lit them up . Spooned fragranced Basmati Rice on two Borosil Vibgyor Melamine dinner plates and just then the door-bell rang . Hastily, I put the small home-made chocolate cake on a platter and opened the door.

Before I could wish him he sniffed hard , ” OHHH ! it smells like my birthday ” and headed straight to the dining room . Now it was time for a ‘happywala birthday‘ song and he was absolutely happy to see the arrangement . For half-an-hour there was no other talk but ” Uffff , this is heavenly , may I’ve a second /third help ? ”  ” Of course you can , but be sure to gulp down some  ‘churan ‘ after the meal ”  I mused .

Finally , he looked replenished and said…

” I’ve no doubt about your culinary skills , be it a spicy palate or an ambrosial dessert . But one thing I must say that your companion has done a lot to make it more artistic  and savoury . ”

” My companion ?? now who is it ? I’ve no one to help me …”

” Aare , it’s Borosil ! without it’s  help you’re like a computer without internet , like Brazil without Neymar , like….”

“Okay , okay..enough …I understand and YES , I agree with you …may be for the first and the last time …but I totally agree with you ..Borosil is my companion for a lifetime and makes things real easy for me ” I smiled .

” You agree with me ? totally ?what a gift for my b’day !! THANKS yaar BOROSIL… you’ve made her agree with me on an issue without any fight !!”

And we both laughed .

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This post is an entry for ‘My Beautiful Food’ contest in association with Indiblogger and Borosil

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