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Nowadays online shopping is on a spree and there are at this moment numerous shopping sites over the internet. All of them are engaged in a tough competition to allure customers from every level of the society . Some of the sites are short-lived , some have problems with their interfaces or the price of products are exorbitantly high . There are only a few sites that have stood the test of time and have contributed a lot to the changing shopping trend of the country by revolutionaizing the concept of e-commerce . is undoutedly one of the most successful portals of e-commerce . Since its inception in 2012 , it has been among the top leaders and during the Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) 2013 , Jabong did set a  new record of sale in the male fashion category !

The Site Itself 

For a successful portal , it is of utmost importance to maintain Three C’s , Clarity , Comfort , Convenience . Jabong provides them all. The site has the widest range of shoes , apparel , accessories , beauty & grooming ( both men and women ) ,precious jewellery along with home décor and furniture . Showcasing more than 1000 brands of different ranges and products galore , a buyer is sure to find something that would satisfy his mind and pocket.

One can search for any item , the broader divisions  ( see the chart below ) can be further refined and if you’re looking for  e.g . Womens’ Jeans , you can pinpoint your search for that product , even the price range can be adjusted and if someone is looking products from a particular brand he/she can fine-tune the search accordingly. Choosing a product is actually hassle-free in  Jabong as the interface is easy to use and even a kid can operate it .

Screenshot 2014-07-03 03.29.28

The particulars about each product and the related brand have been provided clearly and there is no question of misunderstanding if you’re well aware of your own shoe/apparel size.

 Price Range & Offers

Most of the products are reasonably priced and there are even discounts on them . Some products are hugely discounted for a particular size of which only 1/2 pieces are left . I was really taken aback to discover that on particular days of the week the discount varies and  it may happen that you’ve to pay half the price for the goods in your shopping cart.

There are different payment options , VISA , Master Card , American Express , Net Banking and last but not the least COD or Cash On Delivery .

Screenshot 2014-07-03 03.17.27(2)

Shipping & Return Policy  has free-shipping policy for most of the products . However in some cases you’ve to pay a nominal amount for shipping but that  too can be avoided if  the total purchase exceeds the minimum amount that qualifies for free-shipping . You can know more about if from the site’s FAQ @Jabong section .

There is a quick and easy 30-days-return policy which enables the customer to shop with confidence.

Most of the shipping and delivery are done by Jabong third-party logistic service JAVAS which have their branches in more than 50 cities . The delivery is quick and effective. The order can be tracked once they are dispatched

Exclusive Features 

Jabong has recently launched Rohit Bal Designer Collection in collaboration with the most creative and magical designer himself . It is a sincere attempt to make designer clothings affordable and accessible to the retail buyers online. You can watch this short video which showcases Rohit Bal’s collection.

The site runs it’s own Jabong | Blog featuring news about beauty , latest trends , fashion tips and celebrity news. If you’re passionate about style and fashion , this blog is a must read for you for keeping track of the upcoming fashion  and style tips.

Exclusively for Football World Cup 2014 , they have introduced a  FIFA Online Football Store  !! Amazing range of merchandise and a delight for football lovers who want to cheer up for their favourite countries.

My Experience With Jabong 

I’m an avid online shopper and I’ve purchased several times from Jabong. Everytime I’ve got my orders delivered at my doorstep within 2/3 days. They usually send SMS alerts after the shipment is done  and again on the delivery day mentioning the name and phone no. of the courier person .So , if you’re not at home or if there are some other issues , you can contact the courier person and talk to him . I find it really helpful. You can even check your products before accepting the package . ( No other site has this facility )

I recently bought a pair of jeans and a pair of earrings from Jabong . The order was confirmed on Saturday night . Though there was a Sunday in between but I received the products within 3 days as usual, on Tuesday afternoon. The packaging is always wonderful , fragile  things being carefully bubble wrapped . Moreover , I got huge discount on the pair of jeans and an exclusive web offer  ( discount coupon of 150/- ) Great pleasure for a shopaholic like me !


Things That Could Be Done For Further Betterment 

The packaging can be made eco-friendly . Instead of using plastic bags , paper  bags or boxes can be used .
Along with the existing sections, introduction of electronic goods , books and music sections will help to attract more traffic.


  • A great site for shoppers . Absolutely recommended .
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