Haiku : Dewdrops


each elysian drop

canvas of sky and earth

momentary bliss

Shared with Poets United  &   Carpe Diem Haiku Kai and inspired by © Chiyo-Ni ‘s haiku
the dew of the rouge-flower,
when it is spilled
is simply water


38 responses to “Haiku : Dewdrops

  1. Wow that’s a beautiful picture. I have read that yellow inspires original thought and inquisitiveness. Exactly expressed through those beautiful words.


  2. you really surprisd me with your knowledge on kerala.onam and kerala was on my list even when i started my blog.but writing and pictures are the key.wait for a week.i will put some photos from my village 🙂


  3. i am taking a guess the second line you meant you can see reflections of sky and earth right?you seem to love haikus on nature right?
    i have no idea what i am trying with haikus,imagination,real life stuffs,putting twists it can be called as haikus right?


    • I’m a nature lover ..always..I love every facade of it…:-)

      It’s nice to see that you’re trying your hand with haiku…have read some..they’re nice… 🙂

      Just a small thing , the plural of haiku is also haiku… hope you won’t mind this small info.. 🙂


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