WP Writing Challenge : 50 Word Fiction

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She wept holding me close to her bosom.
Silently I drank the sweet-salty tears from her cheeks.

Another day….

She was sleeping …
I could see the deep delicious abyss of her cleavage …….

…and today …

She threw me on the floor saying …

” I want a new cushion !! ” 

  Heartbroken … I lay still.

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49 responses to “WP Writing Challenge : 50 Word Fiction

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  3. HI Ma’am
    Fantastically written , and was superb at the end….. hahah
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my blog
    Have a great day ahead
    Bhavikk shah


    • Thank you… you’ve great blog..I usually read your posts..This time the article was about the scrip which I’m holding so couldn’t resist to comment… 😀 You’ve a great blog…

      Nice to see you here ..welcome… 🙂


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  7. That was awesome gal 😀
    I wasn’t expecting the twist.. I’m sure no one here was..jilted lover, dead lover…sab soch liya tha in a few seconds…too good darling 😀


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  11. maniparna i needed a break from blogging for two three days.when you get time check my new 2 poems and one haiku today night ok?

    i started reading this casually,
    but my mind said lets go slowly,
    then this poem touched me deeply.

    i know cushion was only a metaphor you used 🙂


    • Will check them out for sure..

      Writers are there to write ..imagination lies in the mind of the reader …if a write-up succeeds in evoking myriad images in the reader’s mind…I think that’s a success 🙂 Thank you so much for the comment…


      • maniparna the only reason i stayed from making more friendship with you was because you are too good in everything you writes.i also thought may be you live in a big city and all so things a village guy like me writes you may not like.the day i saw the reviews on shampu ,mobile etc.i had this doubt.are you working in a business field?where is your place?have you heard anything on kerala?sorry i know bloggers should not share such things.i just asked.that is all.
        also i can see you in almost all blogs.that is something incredible.and only because of you i wrote some haikus.i won’t forget that.have a great day and god bless.


      • Firstly let me tell you..that writers’ recognition comes solely from their works…where and how they live their life do not matter 🙂 So never think that someone would fail to or could restrain himself to give recognition to your creativity because of the fact that you’re a small town guy.

        I live in Kolkata , West Bengal . Yes , I’ve visited Kerala twice..it’s a beautiful state… God’s own country as the tourism tagline goes 🙂
        Why don’t you write about your own village and state ? It would be amazing to know about your place….and include some photographs as well . Onam is approaching ..I think it happens on August ..isn’t it ? do write about it… 🙂


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