Jab We Met : Dell Venue 7 & Me

I always wanted to be smart . After multiple vain attempts to meet the criteria , I finally solemnized that I will at least never let my phone outsmart me and thus succeeded to make truce with peace of my mind and pocket . Eventually I’m now one of those rare species in this planet who is still to possess a smartphone . I’m happy with my old friend named Samsung Corby . Meanwhile absence of a smartphone has made me desperate to find solace in other latest gadgets exploring which I acquire great pleasure …almost feel like exploring a new piece of earth every-time  I try out a new gizmo . So one fine morning when I discovered a mail in my inbox inquiring whether I’m interested to use a Dell Venue 7 tab and share the experiences, I barely waited a minute to type ” YES” and hit the  ‘send’ button .

Exclusive Dell Pocket Cloud
The package reached me almost a week back and it was a love at first sight with the Tab ( Model 3730 ) . With a suave 7” IPS HD touch screen display and a sleek body weighing only 317 gms it’s hard to resist its charm . Moreover , it is my favourite colour …black ! It uses Android 4.2 Jelly Bean ( which is a tad backdated ) but with Dell Pocket Cloud ( Explore ) & Dell Pocket Cloud Remote Desktop preinstalled in it , it has become an indispensable gadget for me within a week .

Dell Pocket Cloud is an exclusive feature from Dell which let the user to connect remotely and control the personal computer/laptop .Nothing could beat  that man ! And as my professional  work demands staring at the computer screen continuously it is really wonderful to use a lightweight thing in place of laptop . I can sit cozily on my favourite armchair  while operating everything , I can even roam about and access my personal data just from anywhere .

1-tab 002

Memory , Camera , Storage
 With 2 GB memory and 16 GB storage capacity , I can download as many apps as I want from the Play Store , and my favourite songs , games and books . In fact , I’ve already stored about 150 songs in it ( more to come  as I love listening to music ) .  There is a dual camera facility , the front one is VGA ( mainly for video chat) while the rear one can be used to click quite  brilliant photographs , this being a 3.15 MP . It has an auto-focus feature and is capable of recording quality videos too . Though I carry my camera wherever I go making it an extra luggage , but now I can at least click something useful with this tab too .
Battery Life
It has an amazing battery life .
Yesterday I went for a hang out with my friends . I charged it in the morning and after using it ( read playing games and listening music ) continuously for about 5 hours the battery was still alive . My friends concluded that Dell has really worked hard on the tab’s battery .

Connections , Internet Wi-Fi / Mobile BB
It connects promptly to any W-Fi connection available and works seamlessly . There is also slot for micro-sim which lets you use the mobile network broadband connection chosen by you  ( GPRS , LTE , EDGE , 3G , HSPA+ ,  etc )  If both Wi-Fi and mobile BB are accessible at some point , it automatically prefers the Wi-Fi .

1-tab 006

Some Other Attractive Features
Customizing the tablet
is a fun as I like live wallpapers . A gallery is there from where you can choose your live wallpaper . You can also adjust the size and range of it according to your will .
For protection , in addition to the usual Screen-unlock pattern , PIN and Password there is an unique feature of Face Unlock . This security requires you to look at your tablet to unlock it. Isn’t it fun ? But while using this feature one has to opt for an alternative unlock feature too , in case the tab fails to recognize the face . ( Say , you’re grinning too widely , or have grown stubble or  a lot of make-up )
Besides all these the Tablet has other normal available features like , Bluetooth , File-sharing , Emails , Clock , Alarm etc.

1-tab 004
So , I’m having a good time with the Dell Venue 7 tab and life is indeed beautiful .
My next post will feature the most popular games which can be downloaded and played in it and some photos which I’ve clicked with the camera.

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27 responses to “Jab We Met : Dell Venue 7 & Me

  1. Wah wah!Kya baat hai….. I came to know about this post when I read your latest one!! punishment of being absent from friend’s place 😦 Well good review Maniparna and the wall paper definitely looks beautiful 🙂 but wait, no parna can ever be as beautiful as the parna(leaves) in your name 😀


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  4. Loved the review, and the fact that it has a good battery life is important for me…probably on my next visit to a gadgets store!


  5. Hey good review and how lucky r u! I love this tab and the best part is great long lasting battery life! I love android devices and its usability… I bought this for my husband last month for our anniversary and he loves it!


  6. congratulationsssssssssssssssss 🙂

    I am so jealous , I never win anything EVERRRRRRRrrrrrrrr 😦

    have fun and enjoy the new Tab …. and a lovely review tooooo


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