Childhood Revisited

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I remember those  summer evenings when everything was nice
The shade of the setting sun, hide and seek, cat and mice
Playing with friends, fun and innocence
Every day anew, enlivened with its own presence.

I remember those winter mornings, grey and dreary
Someone cooed in my ear, “planning a picnic, wake up cheery.”
A day spent by the side of that bucolic lake
Sun’s rays reflected as we fed the fishes  with morsels of a cake.

I remember those rainy days of unexpected fun
Paper boats, red and blue, scary clouds, harsh rain and no sun
Skipping and hopping in the temporary puddle
Returning from school, a bunch of friends, a single umbrella, all in a huddle.

I remember those fresh afternoons, cool fragrant breeze
Spring, with all its aroma, butterflies and bees
Tryst with nature, with colours abound
Life was itself a merry-go-round.

Childhood memories, stirred and shaken
How I wish to grow up once again!

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79 responses to “Childhood Revisited

  1. Your use of words is apt. Excellent picture also.

    This moment I wish I could tell a child how important his childhood is !!! This is what I feel now.


  2. Aww… those childhood memories …nothing can be compared to it. It is sweet of the sweetness and your poem portrayed it well 🙂


  3. yeh daulat bhi le lo
    yeh shauharat bhi le lo
    bhale cheen lo mujhse meri jawani
    magar mujhko lauta do
    bachpan ka sawan

    woh kagaz ki kishti .. woh barish ka paani…

    the pic and your poem reminded me of the famous gazal by jagjit singh…

    I so long to go back there


  4. Beautifully written 🙂 took me back in sweet childhood memories 🙂 really many times I too feel like – How I wish to grow up once again !


  5. Life was indeed a merry-go-round…
    If only our growing up was… We would grow up and then the wheel would turn and whoosh.. Childhood again;)


  6. Aaah the nostalgia 🙂 :).. The great old days, the paper boats, getting splashed in the rainwater, shaking the trees after a rain so that we could get another shower…. memories are beautiful indeed 🙂


  7. Were you listening to Jagjit Singh recently? 🙂 Wonderful, nostalgic post of long gone childhood…but then perhaps it never really goes away. Does it? 🙂


  8. Completely agree with you 🙂 How I wish we could grow up again.. but you know, maybe once in a while we should do that.. become the kids that we were and do all these lovely things 🙂


  9. koi mujhko lauta de, bachpan ke lamhe, woh kagaz ki kishti woh baarish ka paani….. great post. feeling Nostalgic.


  10. Yesterday only I was thinking why we grow up so fast things are much more easier as kid but then that’s life so have to cope up 😛 after all there is no choice. This is such a beautiful piece of writing MAniparna. Almost like childhood revisited.


  11. “I remember those summer evenings when everything was nice”

    I guess whenever we remember the past, this line always comes into our mind, but if you consider about your present you would always feel like it is not the good times of your life. Later on the same will be applied on this time as well.

    By the way the above comment was having no relationship with the post. Good post Mani…


    • Ha ha..I got the point Alok..that we often fail to understand the good things which are present in our lives and pine for the long-lost ones …and again those were not considered to be so good when we had experienced that earlier… ( e.g. a child always wants to grow up as quickly as possible ) 😀 It’s a vicious circle …it seems.. 😛


  12. Nostalgia 🙂 Sharing this song on the occasion 😀
    [audio src="" /]


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