:The New Social Networking Platform : A Review


Social networking is now a part and parcel of our life . With so many social networking sites in the internet , what’s the use of adding another ? Might be the question you have already asked seeing the title . Yes , I agree . There is Zuckerberg out there with  Facebook and Whatsapp which  these days are so viral that you’re considered almost an outcast if you don’t have an account on either . Orkut is dead long ago and the most potent competitor of Facebook is Twitter ( it’s also quite popular among celebrities) . And I hope you’re well aware of Pinterest , Tumblr , deviantART ,Flickr, MySpace , Instagram and others .  So why STATE ? and more importantly why and how it is different from others ?  is a platform where you can share your opinion with others . Yes , you can do that in other sites also but here you can state your opinion on a topic which you think is important to you and you can ask other people through the globe , who are interested in those topics to contribute accordingly . It’s easy to register , you can register with your Facebook/Twitter account or  using a valid e-mail id . Put some information about you ( 2/3 lines ) and you’re ready to go . You can choose from a plenitude of topics for staying updated with news on those topics and in this way you can stay away from those domains that fail to pique  your interest.


The interface is attractive and unique . There is no ‘wall’ thing but  a HOME button on the extreme left clicking which you’ll be taken to your Home page which displays the trending topics on the right and ‘conversations’ which are currently going on globally according to your choice of topics.
The Home page also displays the number of opinions you’ve ‘stated’ so far  and my Home page looks like this ( ref : attached screen-shot )  after 7 days of ‘Stating’  . The ‘notifications’ include those requests made to you by others to express your opinion on various topics.
A similar feature to that of Facebook’s ‘ LIKE’  has been substituted by ‘ WELL SAID ‘ and  ‘Tuning In” to someone means that you’re adding her/him to your circle and will eventually receive updates about her/his activities on State.

Screenshot 2014-05-30 21.23.28

ASK  others or INVITE friends

ASK others or INVITE friends


The two features which I like most is firstly , you can state your opinion about anything by using only one ( or more ) adjective/s . There are a few adjectives ( you can add more if you can’t find a suitable one that can express your feeling or opinion towards something ) displayed in red like  ‘ Thought Provoking ‘ , ‘amazing’ , ‘awesome ‘ wtf’ , ‘ magnificent ‘ etc and by using just one of them you can express yourself . Minimum words and maximum effect , I must say . Secondly , there is a grid which shows your standpoint on a particular topic . That whether most of the people are with you or against you . It’s the easiest you to find how people are reacting over something worldwide . ( Quite helpful for celebrities and politicians ) For example , I stated about the great poet and philosopher Rabindranath Tagore and the grid indicates ( see the screen-shot attached ) that the topic has an 100% positive impact .  I think this indication of  ‘sentiment range’  is the best part of STATE .

Screenshot 2014-05-30 21.24.27

The platform of STATE has been launched in 2014 by  a London based company  Equal Media Ltd. As they have declared it is an opinion poll site where people are supposed to express their unbiased views on different topics . You can ‘state’ on anything  ( be it the extremely hot weather or World Cup Football or Angelina Jolie ) that you find interesting enough and surely one or more people will respond …either positively or negatively.

The  primary reason to open an account with  STATE.Com was that I was shortlisted by BlogAdda to review this site but I really enjoyed being a ‘ Stateperson’  and will continue with  it . In a few days I’ve interacted with so many people , have witnessed their opinions and interests in various topics and it’s an awesome experience to be a part of it. So , come and STATE …..let others hear your voice . ” State Your opinon , Connect to the world ” . To know more watch  this short video . STATE , FOR OPINION MATTERS .  Happy stating , See you there.

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12 responses to “ :The New Social Networking Platform : A Review

  1. It’s pretty interesting to know how many varied dimensions an online social media could take. I was pretty sure FB would be the last of it, and then I see quora, blogadda, indiblogger.. And now state, I am quite curious to know how this would take shape going ahead 🙂


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