Product Review : Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo ( Strong and Abundant )

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The haunt for a good shampoo that can enable my hair to stand the heat and humidity of summer is always on . The All New Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo and Conditioner has finally  been able to satisfy me . Indiblogger  in association with Sunsilk ( Hindustan Unilever Limited )  had conducted a survey program and on applying  I have received both the products wrapped in a nice tray and decorated with  green artificial Ginseng leaves .

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Product Information

The Sunsilk Natural Recharge Shampoo ( Strong and Abundant ) has been co-created with Naturals Hair Expert  Jamal Hammadi .  Among the other ingredients they have used the roots and oil of Ginseng plant , an age old perennial plant which has its long history of being used for cosmetic and clinical purposes.

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What The Products Claim To Do On Your Hair 

The Shampoo claims to to make hair look  two times thicker and  five times stronger . Readers please concentrate on the word ” Look ” for it clearly states that the hair will by no means actually grow thicker  but would look so . Of course it’s also not logical to expect miracle from a shampoo. It actually  ‘recharges ‘ your tired looking hair providing that shine and bounce and a somewhat healthy look .

My Take On The Product

The shampoo , like other shampoos from Sunsilk  , has a sweet and lingering fragrance . Lather is created abundantly as it contains SLS . A small quantity is sufficient for a shoulder-length hair ( like mine ) . Keeps the hair absolutely tangle free when used along with conditioner . Good for those who have a problem with frizzy hair . It also cleanses the hair effectively making it soft , smooth and shiny . Feels really good on touching and this effect lasts for about 48/ 72 hours . I’ve to travel a lot and the heat and pollution take a high toll on my hair. The softness provided by this shampoo really works .

Packaging And Pricing

The shampoo comes in a nice flip-open bottle and the conditioner in a tube . The price is quite affordable .
Shampoo 80 ml  = Rs 64
Conditioner 80 ml = Rs 64
Shampoo 180 ml = Rs 132
Conditioner 180 ml = Rs 132
Shampoo 340 ml = Rs 219

As it comes in  a 80 ml bottle also , it is affordable to all.

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  • Has a nice smell
  • Makes the hair soft, smooth and easily manageable
  • Cleans effectively
  • Absence of Paraben ( chemical compound of para-hydroxybenzoic acid which is used as a preservative ) 
  • Effect lasts for 48/72 hours.
  • Budget shampoo
  • Requires a small amount



  • The effect of smoothness et al is absolutely temporary
  • Though Paraben free , it contains Sodium Laureth Sulphate or SLS  ( a caustic detergent which can cause irritation to the skin )
  • Not useful for dry hair as it happens to make the hair a bit dry ( on the other hand  useful for oily hair )
  • Not effective for other hair problems like split ends , dandruff and hair-fallOverall a good product if you’re looking for a budget shampoo but don’t expect too much .Contains natural Ginseng root extracts but also contains chemicals  as well. Not recommendable for colored hair .To know more log on to  SunSilkHairExperts Facebook page or visit .Buy the product from | Flipkart | Healthkart


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  1. Such cool pictures Maniparna. Great Review. BTW I just noticed your pet Gulgul. I have a pet too on my blog and I have named her Tingu Tommy 😀


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