Photo Journal : Tribal Village

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I recently visited  a remote  tribal village in the state of Jharkhand  . A pristine village where technology and other  impacts of modern civilization are not yet visible . The innocence of the inhabitants , their unblemished behavior and manners  surprised me. They seemed so happy with so less ! Perhaps they have a perfect lesson to teach us…to remain satisfied with what you’re getting . After all at the end of the day , all we want is peace and happiness.

Here are some  glimpses….

1-v2 1-v1 1-v5 1-v4 1-v3

31 responses to “Photo Journal : Tribal Village

  1. I keep seeing places like this on my treks in Uttaranchal – gives a glimpse of how uncomplicated life can be. But, then, I do not know if a week of living that life may not end up making us hanker for all the conveniences of civilization. We are too corrupted 🙂


    • Right….one of our friends pointed out the same thing..It’s okay when we visit for a couple of hours or two but it’s absolutely not possible for any of us to spend a single night there… we are corrupted ..really …


  2. Its a different world out there. Need to closely follow them.
    One side, its exciting to live in such an environment, calm, peaceful and no distractions. But when you think ourselves and compare them with us, their lives are miserable. Most of the areas doesnt even have electricity or drinking water, no proper roads, no proper health care etc.


    • You’re right. These villages have no electricity , proper drainage system and even drinking water. They said that they have to travel about 5 kilometers every day to fetch drinking water…. still they were so less demanding ..I was really touched by their behaviour …


  3. Wonderful pictures. They live so close to the nature. It’s sad that they don’t even have the basic amenities like food,water and shelter.


    • Right..they are simple people..don’t actually have any idea of the outside world…..the children looked so happy when we distributed chocolates and packets of potato-chips among them…….


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