My First Indimeet — #DovePlay

It is said that everything has a first time and that experience is supposed to be the best and most memorable one. The saying came so true when I attended my first ever Indiblogger  meet , the  #DovePlay event on the 11th of May 2014  at  Hotel JW Marriott , Juhu , Mumbai .  It was special for me because of another reason , I’m a blogger from Kolkata and the meet was to be held in Mumbai . But thanks to Dove and Indiblogger  for their innovative plan to invite bloggers from all over India so that there would be a healthy cross-country interaction of bloggers . So , I got an exclusive invitation  on their behalf which , to my ecstasy , was an all-expense-paid ( food-accommodation-airfare )  trip to Mumbai . Though it was a tad inconvenient to manage everything at a short notice  , the excitement to  attend the event invigorated me and so there was I ,  ten minutes before the scheduled time of 3.30 pm to reach Marriott .

A warm welcome from the team Indiblogger  lighten up the pressure which I was bearing for being a first time attendee at such a meet . With a dress-code of white and ladies galore the reception hall could give one the deception of a fairy land at a first glance . It took only a minute to make new friends and after a few more minutes it seemed that we were friends for a lifetime . ( Thanks to Mayuri , Rekha , Zainab, Anu , Natasha and others ) And what could be more fascinating than gossiping with friends over a cup of coffee while tweeting and posting selfies ? Yes , Dove arranged that too… an I Pad Booth where we  happily tweeted about the ongoing event with our selfies and there was even a live photo session .

1-Dove 015


1-Dove 022


The main event started at about 4.00 pm as all of us thronged into the Sangam Conference Hall. Anoop from the Indiblogger team delivered a short speech  and then our host for the evening , pretty Freishia took hold of the microphone. According to the wrist bands given earlier , we were divided into 12 groups and were to compete with each other in a series of  fun-filled events .

It started with the Zumba  session !  A real fun as we danced and “shook it like this and shook it like that ” … enjoyed the naughty moves . It was followed by the Hula hoops  named  as Hips Don’t Lie “ . Though in our cases , hips lied and a majority ended up hula-hooping for a fraction of nano second. Then it was  the time for Have A Ball “  followed by the ” Hair Play ”  in which we did each others hair in a definite fashion . Well , everybody was looking great . After this , we went to the  “ Indus ” room where we had to fix a life size DOVE puzzle . Then came the actual  moment for which all of us were waiting ! The Dove Salon at the  “Saraswati Ballroom ” where hair experts  from Dove were waiting to pamper us . It was an amazing experience to relax and watch  hair-stylists showing their expertise on our hair .  And this was not the end ! we were taken to the poolside for the final event of the evening ” Be The Bartender “ where one participant from each group was allowed to make a cocktail drink and points were allotted according to the merit. There was an individual prize ( A Gift Voucher of Rs 1500/- for each member of the winning team ) for this event also.

OUR TEAM  ( PC : Indiblogger )

OUR TEAM ( PC : Indiblogger )

By this time we had enough movements to shed  a considerable amount of calorie and the appetite was strong. A luxurious buffet  dinner with dozens of delectable dishes was waiting for us along with the cocktails at the bar counter. We enjoyed a short and crisp dance performance by the members of the Dove team while having our dinner.



What was most wonderful about the  #DovePlay event was that there was an unique  method in the arrangement of the events . The Zumba  Dance  could be taken as a warm-up session for what followed . The next series of events were combination of  fitness  ( Hips Don’t Lie ), skill ( Have A Ball ), confidence  ( Hair Play ), intelligence ( Puzzle Mania ) and grooming ( Be The Bartender ) . It was a celebration of womanhood … make women confident in every way of life . Just as what the brand Dove is doing for years….providing that confidence and charisma which are needed to take the world in her stride .


1-Dove 040 



The dinner was not the end . We received  gift hampers  from Dove which came in a  nice bag and included a Philips  Hair-Straightener , a set of  Dove Intense Repair Shampoo And Conditioner , ( click the link to know more )  and a nice stone-studded  Dove hair clip . It was really great for me  as I’m actually  a regular user of this shampoo and conditioner . Apart from having a nice smell it is quite effective to rejuvenate damaged and  dull hair . I’ve to travel a lot and the pollution takes a toll on my hair and skin. This product really proved to be helpful for my crowning glory , my hair .
I also got an exclusive gift of Dove Elixir Hairfall Rescue Hair Oil  as a token to acknowledge my presence in the event as I made it from Kolkata to Mumbai ( It was so nice of them , really I was overwhelmed by this gesture  )  . Dove Elixir ( Lavender and Olive ) is an oil which is capable of providing the goodness of overnight oiling in just 30 minutes . It proves to be of real help to me as it can be used both as a hair oil and finishing oil . It has nourished  my hair with visible effects .



Last but not the least , Team No. 2 came victorious  and each of the team members got a Dove Salon Gift Voucher of Rs 5000/-  GREAT !!
Indiblogger gifted us cute white T-shirts ( gifts galore really ) .
Finally , loads of thanks to Dove and the Indiblogger Team for arranging this event , the memory of which I would treasure for life .


7 responses to “My First Indimeet — #DovePlay

  1. *sigh* you took me back right to the meet! It was such a fun day!
    Missed meeting you though. Here’s hoping IndiBlogger would soon arrange more meets where we can meet up!


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