Fear , I Hate Thee

1-Dove 012

The  intangible shadows were leering from the darkest cavity

The space , though well-lit was grayed and dull

The invisible paws culling the strength ,void and null 

I was slowly succumbing to the depravity.

Something in me nudged me from within

I stood up to face my plight

I was weak  , meek to give a fight 

Still head held high , to destiny’s chagrin.

I chose to consort with courage 

Enslaved by Fear was an abhorrence 

My ace weapon being deterrence. 

Freedom , I knew was not a mirage 

He shrunk , He cowered  and went back to His nook 

Count on your courage ,that’s all it took .

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20 responses to “Fear , I Hate Thee

  1. I love this. Just as there is no darkness, only absence of light; there is no hate, only absence of love; and there is no fear, only absence of courage. There is no power in darkness, hate, or fear, rather power resides wholly in light, love and courage. And agency gives the choice. I’m glad you chose courage . . .


  2. Come on. Our Global Hero Spiderman somehow managed time from shoot to see you. And what you did? You gave a black eye with your courage. Now he is swearing not to come back Kolkata for rest of his shoot on Howrah Bridge. 😀


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