Crazy About Cricket


I’m a cricket lover …no ..wait..I think that is an understatement . A crazy cricket fanatic will be the right definition…and my devotion for this game goes back to those days when I was merely a school-going kid . There were a few channels on TV and the opportunity to watch the game depended solely on the decision of my mother. Whenever there was a test match or one-day series  , I used to put extra effort on my studies so that I could coax her to watch the television in lieu of my good marks . There were also those famous sports magazines ” Sportsworld ”  and ” Sportstar “. The demand for them was sky-high at that times. My piggy bank  savings got much wasted for them but it helped a lot to enhance my prestige and priority among friends. Gone are those days  but my craziness for cricket has remained the same , or , perhaps has increased .

Yes , I’ve lied several times  to my Boss, to my friends ( I was to attend my friend’s anniversary and that coincided with an IPL match , I blatantly lied to her that I had a severe headache along with nausea )  and never did these lies raise any feeling of guilt in me . But the craziest ( and perhaps the cruelest ) thing I did to watch an IPL  match last year did raise a sense of repentance in me later.

It was a KKR vs CSK match . Being a terrible fan of  King Khan and Kolkata being my hometown , I ‘m never to miss a single match of KKR . ( yes , yes I know they are performing real bad this year but dare you mock me with that or I’m gonna kill you !!! ) . It was a Sunday and my son wanted to watch a specific Tom & Jerry movie which was to be telecast almost at the same time as the match . I hide the TV remote in the morning and pretended that I had no idea about the whereabouts of it. The poor kid searched for it  frantically but failed , whined for a long time , raised a hue and cry and finally got tired . He went to his grandma’s room upstairs so that he could hear stories from her instead while having his dinner and soon fell asleep . I sneaked out and found the remote from the hidden place ( which was my handbag ) and enjoyed the match in peace . A bad , bad mother I’m !!!!   😦

This year , due to heavy workload , I’m hardly getting that much time to watch  every shot of every match . But thanks to STARSPORTS.COM . Their new features are helping me a lot to keep pace with the game and also to keep my cool as I’m not being able to sit and watch the matches in the cozy ambiance of my roomSTARSPORTS.COM  has actually introduced  five new and exclusive  features  of which I’m liking the ZIP CLIPS and DEFERRED LIVE most . These two features are really helpful to keep track of  every moment of a particular match . A warm thanks to STARSPORTS.COM  for this initiative on behalf of  a cricket-crazy nation .


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30 responses to “Crazy About Cricket

  1. Ah! WHAT extremes we can go to in pursuit of our passions 🙂 Me – Sports have never been my passion but books now…..


  2. Aah Cant believe that you did this to your kid! Are you kidding Maniparna?
    If not I would say this is one of the craziest stories I have heard from a cricket lover!!!
    Btw I hate KKR and Shah Rukh’s idiotic item numbers during the match. Proud to be a fan of CSK and dhoni 🙂


  3. cricket is such a over hyped game in india …..i used to be crazy during my College days 😉 but not any more …

    I would any day prefer tom and jerry over cricket … poor kid 😦 😦

    Btw nice post and all the best for the contest 🙂


  4. Feels so good to see your enthusiasm for the game. I am the same or was more the same till the time Sachin retired. I still love the game but something’s missing.
    Anyways , Cricket is definitely worth the obsession.
    All the best for the contest Maniparna! 🙂


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