Adam and Eve

There was anticipation in air 
The trees , smeared in heat 
Waited eagerly in reverence
The ground  ,  as thirsty as Tantalus 
Was muttering inaudible prayers.
Not a single ripple in the stream 
The earth stood still .
The sky , no more an azure one
The cardinal colour , as if 
Ready to witness , that first sin 
Committed by our eternal parents

And , then She came ,
Neither coy nor coquettish
Her first bite and lo ! 
They surrendered  to it
That powerful , poignant
Emotion which conquered all. 
The earth smiled , the wind chimed
Rainbow gilded their path .
They stood still as the sun rose 
With new rays and newer hopes .
     Amor Vincit Omnia

Shared with Poets United

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