Holiday or Holy Day

1-Mumbai 221

Snowflakes whispered on the window pane
I watched  and watched with beaming eyes
Water droplets converted to crystals
As a steaming mug warmed my fingers.

I spent the day with waves tickling my feet
Sand caressed my knees softly
Melody of leisure ameliorated
The nitty-gritty of methodical mundane life.

The ethereal cerulean layer melted with the setting sun
I watched and watched with beaming eyes
Nowhere to reach, I stopped the time
Holidaying with myself, sublime.

Shared with Poets United Mid-week Motif ~~ Holy Days and Holidays

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53 responses to “Holiday or Holy Day

  1. “Nowhere to reach, I stopped the time
    Holidaying with myself, sublime”.
    These lines could be told only by a Good Poet and that You are.
    Of the so very few good poems I have read are yours also.

  2. Good Blog!
    But this particular Post I could not read as it is in Yellow color.
    You may please change the color of the fonts I do not know how the others have read it.
    Please do not mistake me.

  3. Oh such a beautiful flow of thoughts which captures so well the mood and ambiance of the seaside!
    Thanks Maniparna and cheers 🙂

  4. I perfect holiday! I prefer green places over crowded ones. That’s brings peace to me and this way I ‘Holiday with myself’. 🙂
    This poem speaks so well about what a perfect holiday can be like.

  5. Ha ha, I got playing with the pup over on the right and had to tear myself away to read your poem! My favorite kind of holiday – spent in peaceful solitude! Loved it.

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