The Midas Touch

1-Mumbai 147

A piercing sky-scraper 
Shamelessly shouting
Litany of civilization
Would never be able
To match the intricacy
Of nature , the stature 
With which it touches
The cerulean layer.
It’s easy to make a castle
Even in air,
But only ,
Can make a tree.

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45 responses to “The Midas Touch

  1. the frailty of the humans ugh…the contrast truly glorifies Nature’s majesty… so nicely done Maniparna …by the way i played with your gulgul a bit… cute dog 🙂


  2. smiles…only nature can make a tree…that is true…and so true in how we will never be able to match the intricacy of nature…of the imagination a young child has as well to see that tree as a castle…


  3. This is beautiful! I love it! 🙂 I also like the photo very much! Yesterday I was our exploring your city, Kolkata, I liked the Birla Temple very much. Do you have any suggestions as to what I should see here?


    • Great to know that Line. Have you visited Outram Ghat ? a boat-ride from there on the river Ganga would be really refreshing. Besides you can visit Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum , Eco-tourism Park , the Park Street cemetery ( it may sound weird but I like the place and the history related to it ) . Moreover , taste the myriad range of street foods to satisfy your gustatory need. Don’t forget to have ‘fuchka’ … 🙂


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