Symbiosis of  death and bloom
Of born and lost

Living has become a penchant for most
Mere existence and then

Love for life is still we rear
Small happiness
To watch cherry blossoms
Or dancing in  a desultory fashion
Under the rain-drops
Bucolic calmness 
Thirsty soul drinks the beauty.

Dwelling with the beauty of life
The depth matters , not the length.

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28 responses to “Existence

  1. Your poem reveals deep philosophy in you, but you wrote your points with such feeling and fragility, the cherry blossoms under the rain drops. I agree with the small happiness. From a male angle I see a lust for accomplishment, be it climbing a difficult mountain to see the view or other, but one can have that and feel for the cherry blossom too, I think. Very interesting words, always worth coming to your blog!


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