Book Review : Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister

20497005Political thriller is quite an uncommon genre as far as Indian literary attempts are concerned and Tabrik C has not only dared to step up into this realm but also has provided us with a etched out story in his debut work  Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister. This is a book which is capable of keeping you on toes with its intricate plot , subtle nuances and daring ,edgy portray of characters , especially of the protagonist , Siddhartha Tagore .

Siddhartha Tagore , a musical maestro who had mesmerized the consecrated halls of Harvard ,earning the title ” Mozart Man ” , in a twist of fate  later emerged as the Prime Minister of India . His rising into power is like the eruption of a volcano , with the same  sudden power and force that could blind anyone with its brilliance. He comes into power at a time when India is passing through a turbulent phase , an impending war , a minor nuclear attack by some Pakistani allied groups threatening the nation’s security  and political upheaval. As Siddhartha takes  charge of his office and arrives at the awe-inspiring revered residence of the PM’s at 7 ,Race Course Road , he finds his mind full with myriad feelings….” A whiff of power drifts down dimly lit corridors from its striking past . It’s intoxicating and orgasmic but strangely , at this moment of victory , something is pulling me away from this reincarnated self that has imprisoned me and made me my own jailor .….this  is actually his dilemma , his destiny and  his karma  as well.  He seeks recluse in Wolfgang  Amadeus ‘  creation , Symphony No. 40 , music which soothes his soul , mends up his mind . But one day , he knows ,  as he says ” I will need to escape from this prison that keeps out both bullets and air “….thus simultaneously , unknowingly , in a tryst with life , he becomes the prisoner of his destiny , who has bestowed upon him , the title of the Prime Minister and like a jailor he has to keep an eye on himself and his deeds .

But, as Siddhartha keeps a firm grip on everything as soon as the power has been transformed to him, his past life surfaces up and the whole scenario begins to change. A man with bipolarity and having a bisexual nature , will his past  surpass his present ? His intricate relationships with twin sisters Rubaya and Karishma , his room-mate and friend Greg….his thoughts after watching  ” Midnight’s Cowboy “…his Harvard days all mingle up together and the character of a man reveals whom we can hate or love , but just can’t ignore. Tabrik C has taken time to build up the character of Siddhartha Tagore conscientiously and evidently has succeeded in his work.
The other characters like Rukmani Devi , her aspirations and ambition , Dr. Thorburn , Rubaya and Karishma have been given ample spaces to compliment the  propelling character of  Siddhartha . The story is not only about politics and its take on India  , it’s a saga of life , life of a human being who wanted to live it according to his own will and whims. But the question is , will he succeed or will end up becoming a marionette in the hands of  his fate ?

The narrative style shifts frequently from first person to third person as also from past to present with immaculate flexibility. Nowhere the story looks flaccid or blanch.  The language is not ostentatious but smooth enough to produce impeccable images , abstract and concrete .
” The Pitts was almost vertical , like an arrow heading upward into the air . The biplane made an amazing sight .streaking into Bombay’s blue sky . It was now a small speck in the cloudless sky , and it took a perfect loop . Then another . And another……”
The language of Tabrik is a delight , unobstructed flow of words rising headily upwards producing an effect engrossing enough to make the book a perfect page turner. The vernacular Bengali carves used are well researched too. It’s a narration where suspense entwines perfectly with music and politics with pain.

But like all great works , it too has faults . Siddhartha’s call to quit China-made commodities though sounds great but its implementation seems to be impractical  and the way this call has been shown to become a behemoth looks unattainable as far as the modern world scenario is concerned. The plot after reaching its crescendo fails to hold on the same thrill and suspense and becomes rather predictable.

But as a whole Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister is the most enthralling read of recent times and is truly enjoyable. I really hope to read more from Tabrik C .  Especially at a time when most of the other contemporary authors are likely to have their take on romance ,this comes as a whiff of fresh air.
Recommended to all readers  ( you just can’t afford to miss this one ) .

From my side it’s 4/5

About the Author

7754109Tabrik C is an author and political enthusiast. He is also a perfumer and internet entrepreneur . He has a post-graduate degree in History from St.Stephen’s College ( Delhi) where he was president of the student’s union. His special interest lies in observing , analyzing , predicting and debating the rise and fall of political personalities and their influence on the destiny of nations and individuals.

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By ManiparnaSenguptaMajumder


20 responses to “Book Review : Prisoner Jailor Prime Minister

  1. Good review! Like you said rarely do we find Indian Authors writing on such topics.. I hope his work turns out as good as the topic he has chosen


  2. Excellent review, Maniparna!

    Wondering if you’d be interested in reviewing my next book, about management consultants helping out an underworld client.

    I’d be happy to send across a complimentary copy in return for an honest review.

    Please drop me an email on: contact [at] mbacrystalball [dot] com


  3. Sounds quite interesting and promising. I hope this books is as good as you make it sound. Some Indian authors end up being a cheap Indian Robert Ludlum or Jeffrey Archer imitation. Hope he has his own original voice.


    • Thanks for the visit Karthik , the book is really a nice read…a musical journey , the rise , fall and dilemma of a man who finds himself engulfed by the intrigues paying around him as he becomes the political head of the country.


  4. I am pleased to know that there’s a book portraying the PM as a human. I see people with great responsibilities being treated less like human, generally. Be it the politicians, Policemen or the Cricketers. And this is why we fail to understand that not anyone among the common population can get to rule a nation. If one does, there’s a great need to deal with the ‘reincarnated self that imprisons’.

    Liked your review. 🙂


    • You are right Namrata….this book has no intention to portray a larger than life image for the PM…rather his vulnerability in every aspect has been expressed…
      Thanks for your comment… 🙂


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