Book Review : Taming Romeo

TR-shadowAdult romance is a flourishing and popular genre of literature and  Taming Romeo by Rachelle Ayala is quite a value addition to it.
The novel starts as   “Evie Sanchez is recovering from heartbreak when she runs into Romeo Garcia, the boy she left behind “ . Evie or Evangeline  , a medical student and an aspiring doctor returns from Harvard to spend some time with her family which includes her two sisters , Choco and Genie , her brother Brian and her parents . Eric Shen , Evie’s boyfriend has dumped her without a reason and things get worse when she bumps into Romeo Garcia, her childhood friend whom she had ditched five years ago.
A five-year hiatus and  they meet each other again only to discover the fact that there still exists an electrifying attraction between them.

Romeo is no more that teenager whom Evie knew , he has grown up to be a suave, handsome man , with adorable taut physique and being an soap opera actor , having a number of devoted female fan followers  who go gaga over him. But still he nurtures a special feeling for Evie and as they confront each other , the first question he asks , “ Why did you ditch me at the prom ? ” . 
Evie’s falls for Romeo again only to discover that she was never actually away from him . All these days , in her deep heart’s core , her emotions for Romeo are only hidden which , on seeing him , surge out with an all-engulfing prowess. But she suffers from the dilemma , that whether she would be able to forget Eric and could bestow upon Romeo that true love which would make both their life a bliss ?

The dilemma haunts her and she fails to trust Romeo  either. She feels vulnerable and pities herself for all her past deeds. On one hand Romeo’s invincible attraction makes her crazy and she doubts his every move on the other. Will Evie be able to step up and embrace the new life as it comes ? The story unfolds the answer in an emotional and sensuous manner.

The story revolves round  the Garcia and Sanchez family and has a quintessential Filipino flavour. I really enjoy this Asian taste and Barrio XO ‘s grub like  Lechón kawali (pork), bistek tagalog (beef), bangus sisig (fish), crispy dinuguan (blood stew with crispy pork cubes , kangkong ( water spinach ) tofu , chorizo ( pork sausage bits ) tickle my umami sensation. The book is a gustatory delight as well. The glossary  provided at the end is quite helpful to understand the exotic terms.

The delineation of the characters is elaborate and incisive. Apart from the protagonists, the other characters like Tito Rey, Tita Anna, Tita Elena , Chocho, Genie, Eric have been given apt space and readers can easily relate to them.

The occasional glint of excellent wit in the narration makes it a real pleasure read . As Evie finds Romeo in their restaurant with the anorexic Blondie , she muses…
Is there something I can get you?” Tapioca balls up your nose, a longanisa sausage up your ahem, buko in your brain.
Or when Brian expresses his disgust about Eric , “With a name like Eric Shen, say that fast a few times.”
You just can’t help laughing !

It’s an overall light read , containing intimate descriptions of the sexual encounters of Evie and Romeo , But you never feel that it is something out of context  and has just been put to enhance the hedonistic effect. The story-line entwines perfectly with those sizzling scenes.

I like the author’s narrative style , neither too boisterous nor blanch , producing a soothing literal effect. One thing which I didn’t like in Evie’s Character that is her jump-to-conclusion attitude . Her character could be portrayed in a more subtle manner. Whatever ,told from the point of view of Evie , the book is a pleasure read on a lazy afternoon or while on wheels.I would like to read more from the author .
*Not recommendable for under 18 readers as it contains explicit sexual images and language.

From my side it’s 3.5/5

About The Author

rachelle-ricoRachelle Ayala was a software engineer until she discovered storytelling works better in fiction than real code. She enjoys writing love stories and has always lived in a multi-cultural environment. The tapestry of characters in her books reflect that diversity. She is an active member of online critique group, Critique Circle, and a volunteer for the World Literary Cafe. Check out her four romantic novels. Michal’s Window is a powerful, emotional journey as lived through the eyes of Princess Michal, King David’s first wife. Broken Build is a story of healing where a man learns to love and trust the woman who destroyed his life. Hidden Under Her Heart is a heartfelt love story combined with controversy over difficult decisions, and Knowing Vera is a suspenseful, cross-cultural romance mixing an unsolved murder, adventure, and hot, steamy love scenes.
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10 responses to “Book Review : Taming Romeo

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  3. Hi Maniparna,

    Loved this review. You’ve peppered it up sumptuous delights which have made me feel hungry.
    That’s a naughty one at Eric Shen…. lolss…
    Keep it up.

    My Blog


  4. The dilemma of the girl’s mind, whether she would be able to love Romeo truly or not is so realistic and common in today’s life. People generally lament over the past deeds till they find one who makes them feel right at place. 😀 I love your way of writing.


  5. I am gonna protest at Jantar Mantar for the title of this book is humiliating for my kinda ppl, who born to be a Romeo. I wonder what my wife is gonna do after knowing something like “TAMING ROMEO”…


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