….And We Got Closer


Photo Courtesy : Google

Photo Courtesy : Google

Well, as I was trying to scribble something appropriate for the topic , a sudden jolt put my mind on the time machine and as the engine revved , within a split second I went back..ten years from now….

Unlike many others life has been quite a smooth sailing for me .Meeting with Ranjan being a part of it. We fell in love with each other almost at the first sight , our wave length matched perfectly and we were overwhelmed to discover the magical magnetic attraction between us. He completely turned my world . At that time I was in the final year of my Masters and Ranjan just joined job. Our pre-marriage courtship lasted for one year , then as everything went fine , our parents met each other and we got tied by the holy wedlock.

Immediately after our marriage we shifted to Bengaluru , Ranjan’s office provided him with a well-furnished flat and even a car. I was over enthusiastic to create my whole new world in a new city but to my chagrin  , Ranjan’s sister got admitted to a MBA course in Bengaluru and came to stay with us. Now , don’t misunderstand me , I’m not that selfish or narrow minded, I rather loved Radhika , my sis-in-law,dearly. But every relation demands some space , some privacy to flourish. Even a full bloomed relation , needs to be nurtured , otherwise , weeds grow over them by time. As a newly-wed couple , we too, wanted to spend quality time…..to be alone with ourselves , to listen to each other’s heartbeat. But Radhika’s presence became a hindrance and we had to rather behave cautiously in front of her. Our love was losing its natural radiance as we caged our emotions . Even when we were out for a short trip sometimes , we had to take Radhika with us , after all she was Ranjan’s sister and we just couldn’t left her alone at home while enjoying outside. That just didn’t look nice.

Meanwhile Ranjan got very much involved with his job in the new office . The new life full of passion and joyousness which we dreamt of was actually waning ,and it was affecting my behaviour badly. I was becoming impatient and petulant at times . To overcome the frustration , I joined a job. Ranjan was quite aware of my mental agony , he too was suffering in the same way . But  both of us knew that there was no simple solution . What I didn’t know that he made it his consecration to see me happy as ever !

That morning I was as usual busy in the kitchen preparing breakfast for all. It was about 8.30 and as all three of us had to leave for our respective work by 9 a.m , I was scrambling eggs , toasting breads at a breakneck speed. Suddenly the ring of my mobile startled me ……   ” must be someone from office  ” I was neither in the mood nor in the condition to talk to someone at that moment. I called out for Ranjan to attend it but he was having a rough time with his tie ( still now it is a real task for him ) ….so he passed the job on to Radhika .
Glancing at the screen , Radhika shouted ” Di , it’s uncle , your Baba (father ) ”

“Please take the call and say that I’ll call him back later ”  I said hastily.

Radhika’s natural gleeful voice changed radically as soon as she attended the call…it lasted for a few minutes . I apprehended something unusual  and felt anxious .
“What happened Rai ? what did Baba say ? ”
” Oh  ! Di , your Punjabwale uncle is seriously ill  , he wants to see you . Uncle said that you have to go immediately …..God forbid but may be it’s his last wish ”

“Punjabwale UNCLE ” !!! I  was flabbergasted ” how  ..what ?? there must be some mistake..”

Ranjan jumped out of his room  ” No mistake dear , take it easy and don’t worry you’re going ..actually we are going ..”

” …but  but..you don’t understand there is no…”  Ranjan cut me short , ” Ohhh..cool down babe , I know you’re too much worried for him .”
Without uttering a word , I checked the number on my mobile..the last call was from my father . It didn’t make any sense . I was about to call back him but Ranjan interrupted   , ” Will you mind serving the breakfast ? I’ve to book flight tickets and there are other formalities too ”

” But why on earth will you book tickets .. I’m telling you repeatedly that there is…”

“Ouffff ..Mani , please behave yourself  and control your emotions….stop this ranting and be practical “..Ranjan scoffed at me !

I was fuming. But there was no point creating a scene in front of Radhika so I silently served the breakfast . Radhika was the first to finish …” don’t worry Di , everything will be alright “…..she said as she left for her college.
As soon as she left I turned to Ranjan and said ” listen you dumbo , there must be some misunderstanding somewhere , I’ll sort that out while calling Baba later…..but  YOU  listen carefully…..there is no uncle of mine who lives in Punjab !” I was really exasperated with him.
Ranjan began to laugh hysterically leaving me at my wit’s end .
” Will you please stop laughing and explain the matter ? What is so funny ? ”
” Well , right at this moment , your poker face is the funniest thing to me ”   he said and again started laughing .
I was on the verge of crying by now and suddenly he stood up and hugged me tightly . While stroking my hairs , he said softly ” I know it very well sweetheart that there is neither any Punjabwale uncle nor he is going to die …this was just a skit scripted by me and enacted by your father .”
I gaped at him. Literally I was feeling like a gawk . He literally connived with my father….his father-in-law ?? He could go THAT further so that we can get closer ! 
” How did you manage to convince Baba ? he is a man of strict principle …”

” Oh that was really the toughest job in my life ..it took me two hours…..at one point I though that my mission would fail but then I used my ultimate weapon..my acting skill…modulating my voice I made Baba feel that I was actually sobbing. The trick worked ” he winked .  ” I also told him to be punctual about the call time…for I wanted Radhika to pick up the call..only to make the plan fool-proof ..so that there stands a rock solid reason for us to leave….without anybody else  ” he added .

” Well , Mr. Majumder  , I think you can try your luck in Bollywood . As a script-writer  ? in case you want to change your profession  ..
Now tell me what have you in store for me ..where are we going actually ? ”

” You’ll love the place..I bet..we’re going to Zuluk…a small hamlet that resides amongst the beautiful landscape of the Eastern Himalays. ”
” WOW !! ” I gave him a quick peck . ” we are #MrAndMrs made for each other ” .


That was the most memorable trip of our life.  The pristine beauty of Zuluk rejuvenated our body and soul..we drank life to the lees..enjoyed each and every moment . We re-discovered each other , that marriage is not only about joining two lives together..it’s the unison of souls .Love is that state of mind in which the happiness of your loved one is essential to your own.

During our fifteen-days stay in Zuluk , on a leisurely afternoon ,  I penned this one and dedicated it to my dearest friend and loving husband , Ranjan .


The passion in your eyes , the ambrosial touch
Of your lips , acute and intense,
Being loved is such a bliss.
A million roses in my heart, I savor the smell of love
Breathless I become as I feel
Symphony in your touch.

My senses are all conjured up by your amorous words
Words,appear as rainbows in my sky
Warmth of desire making me shy.
The ‘too often profaned’ word has ultimate power
To stir one’s soul, to make one feel
Heaven’s just here on my windowsill.

Cottage at Zuluk

Cottage at Zuluk

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63 responses to “….And We Got Closer

  1. Maniparna, this was really sweet from your hubby’s side… and since u guys craved so much for it, I can only imagine how special it must be for both of you.. great going guys… I too write poems and it would be great if you could drop by and help me get better at my writing style (a newbie blogger!!!) by an honest feedback/comment on my post at – http://bit.ly/1d3tGWz . Keep writing!!!


    • Hehe..thanks Suresh. The thing is ..I would have realized it in a jiffy had my father was not involved … 😀 ..it was rather hard for me to believe that he was actually involved in it .. 😛


  2. Wonderful & so romantic, Mani!
    True life-story? If yes, you have honestly presented it! (And yes, we do have so much in common!)
    Best wishes!


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