It is said that our brain memorizes only those memories which make us happy and tends to forget those which inflict pain. True it is . But what about that very moment when something from the past  knocks you hard reminding you of that what you lost ? Yes , memories . They warm you up from inside as you ruminate the adorable moments but they also can tear you apart .

Last Sunday I was searching for a file , an old one which contained some certificates of my Mom. Suddenly , a circular thing made its way out from the uppermost cupboard and dropped down on the ground.  A split second , and as soon as my brain responded by recognizing it , memories flowed like a cascade. the circular thing was a ball, a yellow colored deuce ball , old and worn-out. It was her most favourite plaything . she seldom agreed to be parted with that one.

She was Chikkus , as we called her , the most adorable member of our family. You need the newspaper in morning  ? Chikkus used to collect it from the newspaper boy .She called for the milkman every day so that he dared not to miss our house. She used to keep awake for me at night and when sometimes I was late she was enough caring to show her concern and even sometimes scoffed at me !

Chhikus had impeccable manners . She could understand very well which guests were to be welcomed and which were not. But she never showed any disrespect to anyone , rather a grumpy face and a tad gingerly mood …that was her only show off. She never demanded for anything which might annoy us , she was an epitome of happiness . She was loved by everybody , and to me , she was my best friend , the most adorable dog one could ever imagine.

We lost her long back , I was in the first year of college then. It took me a l-o-n-g time to get consoled , to recuperate from the loss. But she still occupies a very special place in my heart . Nothing is really lost as long as you remember it and her memories are the last thing on earth I would like to forget. She gifted me so many precious , playful moments…my very own sacred treasure trove. The ball , her most loved toy, her keepsake …may look trash to others but a treasure to me.

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37 responses to “Precious

  1. Memories are indeed amazing. They do stop series of link events at times and that’s what is part of life. You move away from and with old ones and create new ones. 🙂 Beautifully penned down MAniparna!


  2. Memories – and how much simple objects an evoke in us. Chikkus came alive for you with that ball and for us through this post


  3. This is the reason why I don’t prefer having pets in home, it is hard to accept this separation… I don’t know about others, but when I do love someone and then for any unfortunate reason I had to live without them, it becomes hard for me…


  4. Lovely one Maniparna, memories are amazing. That too the warm ones like these, it is one feeling I very much am short of words to express – call it Nostalgia, happiness, memories. Any tag we give it, it simply is an amazing thought, the ones to be cherished and remembered over and over again. And chikkus is damn cute 🙂


  5. Thank you so much for tagging me . I so much liked this post of yours….such a sweet creature she was. I can feel your pain. No doubt this is your most memorable memento .


  6. This is so heart warming. I never have had a pet but still I understand and have seen the great love one has for his/her beloved pet. Lots and lots of ‘bhalobasha’ for Chikkus. may she be happy wherever she is. 🙂


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