X Chromosome


I dream of a world where  humanity resides
Where there is no acrimony towards the fairer sex
Where rape has become an obsolete word
Violence and abuse are things unknown.

A mockery it may seem on this planet
Here women are proving themselves everyday
Fighting for their “human being ” status
( Millions are dying as foetus ).

Here they are ogled even in ‘burquas’
Every step being criticized
They  falter to purse their  dreams
( Oh ! Women ! you even dare to dream ! )

Weaker sex we are , having our follies
Still we have fire in our eyes
Strength to create and nurture
( The joy of creating life , next to God )

” Frailty , thy name is woman “
Wrong was the ‘bard of Avon’
Wife, sister , daughter , mother
( Eternity is another name for her. )

Written  as a tribute to all women on the eve of  International Women’s Day . The UN theme for International Women’s Day 2014 is “Equality for Women is Progress for All”

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54 responses to “X Chromosome

  1. Saying a woman is frail.. that’s just an excuse to keep her out — making her a victim — just minimize her… in reality women are strong, and violence is the strongest signature of weakness in my view… (and fortunately a lot of men understand that too)… great poem 🙂


  2. I think what I most admire in women is their spirits which will rise up to fling off oppression over and over………..you have written a wonderful tribute to womanhood. Thank you!


  3. just today in the sermon our pastor mentioned that at the moment there are more people enslaved as ever before in history…many of them women sold as sex slaves – it is terrible and def. we physically are weaker than men but in other areas have our own strength..thanks for raising your voice..


  4. i like eternity as a name for her…i def dont see women as weak….they have strengths in areas i never will as a man…i think their is beauty in our differences….but def agree that women should not be objects or demeaned…or that anyone should be….and def an end to rape…ugh


  5. Wonderfully written ! we need to change the world , the hapless condition of countless women otherwise a particular ‘women’s day’ will remain a farce for us all .


  6. A fitting tribute on woman’s day. My observations with budding corporate executives reveals women are keen learners and consistently doing better than the young men. On a lighter note may I share the much loved Harry Bella number 🙂

    Have a lovely day!


  7. We are the ones who carry all the burden on our shoulders without a hint of pain. We take pride in what we are. Wish others take us in the right spirit.

    Beautiful poem.


  8. Maniparna, Your words truly reflect the power of women. I do see a lot of change, but we still need a long way to go to reach the goal. Empowerment of women (as RG says 🙂 ) shall be the ultimate aim.
    Thanks for sharing the post on this wonderful day.


  9. Lovely words!
    The weaker sex, they call us. But we aren’t. Women are the strongest… She is an embodiment of love. Also, those who love selflessly can never be weak.


  10. It was such a heart touching poem that you penned Mani..Loved it. Keep the spirit high. I also am hoping that a day will come that we will consider everyone equal 🙂


  11. A beautiful, thought provoking and powerful poem! A poem everyone should read, men and women, a poem that is necessary, specially here in India. Thank you so much for speaking up for all the women who cannot. That makes you a heroine! We, those of us who are empowered, must fight for those who are not. We are all sisters, and we must act like it and take care of each other! Thank you for this! 🙂


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