A Conversation : My Hair and Me


MY  HAIR : ( in an infuriating tone )

I am your crowning glory , an inseparable part
Still you care  a fig for me , I’m really hurt .
You change lipsticks , myriad shades , glossy  or matte
Different shoes (more than you need ) stilettos,wedges or flat.
But oh my ! the same style for me every day and night
Try to understand my boredom along with the plight.
I want you to caress me , to give me freedom
I want to dance with you , bouncing with the rhythm .

ME : ( sadly )
We are in the same boat sister , tragic it may sound
You are my dearest friend ,my love for you knows no bound.
How dearly I want to play with you , a black cascade as you’re
Different styles for various moods as suggested by the coiffeur.
Stunning braids or falling loose ,top-knot or French roll
I want to play in every way , o my hair , my soul !
But I’m always afraid of your health….you’re so frail
I don’t want to lose you , my very own Rapunzel’s tale .
I want to sing along and play with you
You’re my beauty , dearer than my beau.

MY  HAIR : ( gleefully )

Oh !  Oh ! Oh ! a silly billy girl as you are
(How would you survive in this harsh world , I wonder)
To protect my every strand  , to make me shiny
Dove is there , with all that is needed ( so stop your whiny)
Everything on earth  about hair care they know
Their products  will make me glow .
Watch the #DovePlay video right now and feel
The confidence and beauty that lie within.
Unleash the emotions and play with me
Healthy hair is waiting for thee.

As soon as I shut my gaping mouth and tried to answer My HAIR , the soothing sound of a jingle  startled me  and I opened my eyes in disbelief  to watch the Dove Play Song  on TV . I realized that I actually dozed  off with the TV running  ! But as I watched the #DovePlay , I understood that My HAIR was right . I adored her gently and  smiled. 

Watch the Dove Play Video and rediscover your best friend…your hair.


Dove Play Video

This post is an entry for ” Dove Go Play ” contest in association with Dove and Indiblogger

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8 responses to “A Conversation : My Hair and Me

  1. That Voucher sure is coming you way Maniparna…
    With such excellent expression, you’re sure to make your way to the Salon.
    All the best! 🙂


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