Book Review : The Prophecy Of Trivine.

18889356The Prophecy Of Trivine  is the debut venture of the triumvirate Pulkit Gupta , Srivatsan Sridharan and Tnahsin Garg. I was approached by Tnahsin Garg to read the book and write a review and I didn’t wait a minute to say ‘yes’ as Science fiction/fantasy is one of my favourite genres. First of all I would like to congratulate them to step in the world of Sci-fi as this one seldom appeals the Indian authors. They dare to  pick aliens , teleportation ,psychokinesis and all other related things as the subject and have done quite a commendable job.

The book starts as Cuehmoc , an alien from a distant planet , the royal ranger of the Gucuteps , sows the seed of life on the planet earth. He also explains the word ‘ Trivine ‘…a confluence of three beings united under a divine presence. As the Prologue ends ,the story shifts itself to the modern world of cyber-crime , ethical hacking and embezzlement of money from the Prime Minister’s  relief fund. Red Dragon a.k.a Philip Mascarenhas , a computer wizard , in order to save his life and as if by some unavoidable twist of destiny , enters a forest which is completely unknown to him. There he meets the scientist , Siv, living in a shack in the middle of the weird forest and is frantically researching on some clandestine project. The two humans and their chance meet with another, Arty, a man who loves to live among nature, thus completes the circle of  ‘three beings’ .

The Gucuteps , in the meanwhile , declare Mission Earth as a failure and eventually want to terminate it . Xona , the steward of the mission lands on earth and decides to reside in that very forest where the first seed of life was sown. Her mission is to annihilate the human race , to blot out the last trace of  homo sapiens from the face of the earth. Her very presence casts a dark shadow in the forest dismantling the eco-system , Would the three men be able to escape the impending doom ? Would it be possible for them to make Xona understand the true meaning of love, hope and life ?

The story takes a fast pace from this point and the camaraderie between Siv, Phil and Arty grows and as their fates entwine them together they become the true representatives of mankind. Apart from the prologue and epilogue the story is divided into twenty chapters. But nowhere it seems that the story-line is suffering from any flaccidity and all the chapters are well concatenated. Moreover , it is not only a mere science fiction that inspires the readers to run her/his imagination wild ; it reveals the egregious face of the mankind on one hand and the very philosophy of  hope, love and friendship on the other. It is an eye-opener to the fact that Nature is the best teacher and all the scientific inventions owe a debt of gratitude to Mother Nature in some way or other.

The style is lucid  and the exuberance of the language is a delight. Only a couple of things that have disappointed me is , firstly, the chronological sequence is a bit messed up . Secondly, I find one or two chapters quite dragging and thirdly , the ending . I don’t find it in accordance with the story. The brilliance of the book fades a bit at the end.
Anyway, I want to recommend it for all those who love a fast-paced, thrilling, imaginative ride captured between 260 pages ! Creativity at its best and an absolute page-turner .Eagerly waiting to read more from all three of the authors .

From my side its 4/5 .

About The Authors

Pulkit Gupta  : Pulkit is a computer engineer who completed his Bachelors in engineering from Thapar University , India in 2011 . His most recent works can be found  HERE .

Srivatsan Sridharan  : Srivatsan Completed his Bachelors in engineering from Thapar University in 2010 , after which he earned a Masters Degree in Computer Science from Purdue Unversity , United States. You can find his works at Tumblr

Tnahsin Garg  : Tnahsin completed his Bacheelors in engineering from India in 2010, after which he earned a Masters of Science degree from United States and is currently pursuing a PhD from Europe. Find him at

Catch all the authors at

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