The Sky Meets Sea

Recently  I went for a week-end tour to Puri, a renowned sea beach in the state of Odisha, India. Not only it is famous for the sandy sea beach and bluish-green surging sea, but also for the great temple of Lord Jagannath or Prabhu Jagarnatho, as the locals call him. This photo is taken on the very morning we reached Puri, waiting at the outside of our hotel by the sea .


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34 responses to “The Sky Meets Sea

  1. Good one, Maniparna! Having spent a lot of time in Odisha, have visited Puri scores of times. But, mostly went to the Temple. Visited the Beach a fewer number of times than the Temple 🙂
    Puri is the favorite weekend destination from Kolkata. Small wonder, getting confirmed reserved seats in Railways is so tough 🙂


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