My Home, My Refuge

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1-beautiful_home_newsletterHome Sweet Home :

Home doesn’t mean four rectangular walls with a roof on it, not at least to me. Nor does it refer to some exquisite  concrete  structure filled with expensive furniture and gadgets. To me , home is a state of mind , a place where my mind is in equilibrium with the surroundings , a place of unconditional love and freedom. A place, on crossing whose threshold , peace of mind becomes tangible. If  one fails to find happiness at home , he would surely find it nowhere in the world. My HOME is my very own world , small but I’m happy with it because it  is made of not only bricks and cement and sand but numerous moments which I share with my family and friends. Moments which  fill my life , a shelter for me in weal or woe.

The Ornament Of A Home Is Its Inhabitants :

Have you ever imagined your home without its inmates ? If I’ve to stay back at my home , alone , (God forbid) , with all others gone, what would it be for me ? Anything but not MY HOME. My home is a place where I live with people who understand me, can feel my emotions and care for me. I can shout at them for nothing ( which I often do ). IN fact , it is a place where nobody needs to be perfect , they are acceptable in the way they are and the only things that matter is  mutual understanding, supportive nature, honesty and love.

Rangoli at my home on the occasion of Deepavali

Rangoli at my home on the occasion of Deepavali

Home Is Where My Habits Have A Habitat:

I’m a person of ‘habits’, numerous of them ! My habit is to scatter three or more books on the carpet while I’m concentrating on only one. My habit is to stuff as many cushions as possible in the cozy sitting area  so that I can use them in various ways ( may be I’m lying on two with another one under my arms,another to support my feet ..and so on ). MY HOME is the place for all these misdemeanors. And yes,my family members pamper me a lot , I must say . I believe a comfortable and happy home is the source of all happiness and the main aim of all ambitions.

Sitting Arrangement

Sitting Arrangement

YES , I need all of them ..

YES , I need all of them ..

Beautification Of Home:

It is very certain that we have the instinct to decorate those things we love most. That’s why we wear make-up, buy expensive dresses and ornaments. Similarly as we love our home so it’s of utmost importance to decorate it in the right way. And when it comes to it, nobody can do it better than Asian Paints Home Solutions . Asian Paints is the name which I can relate with my childhood. I was probably 8/9 yeras old when Baba ( father) thought of renovating our small cozy nest. All I remember is the logo of that boy standing with a brush , the logo of Asian Paints and the nostalgic smell of new paints . I used to sniff  to get  in that smell of fresh paints. It may sound silly but I still love that smell ! And who could ever forget their numerous innovative ads !! The B&W Zebra was lured by the vibrant coloures of their paints and  became a coloured one. That one was my favourite.


After marriage when me and my husband managed to buy a house and wanted to make it our very own aashiyana (home) we choose no one but Asian Paints. I’m  fond of colours. Magnificent,bright,vibrant colours especially different shades of yellow and red and the shade card they offered was just amazing ! For our living room , one wall was featured with rustic red and the other three were painted with lemon yellow.  I have kept that card and later it helped me tremendously when my son began to learn colours.


Some Ideas,Some Nostalgia :

I never feel comfortable at a b-i-g home. My nest would be neat,tidy and innovative with some small alterations. Green indoor plants at some corners, a big vase with a bunch of fresh flowers, some decorative show-pieces and an adequate arrangement of lighting is all I need. Oh, another thing is must  , book shelves, as many as possible,  of different shapes and styles . A home without books is a body without soul.

Coming to nostalgia, it was in the year 1985 that Asian Paints started Asian Paints Sharad Shamman in Kolkata. Being a Bengali, Durga puja is our biggest festival and this excellence award is given to the best decorated Durga Puja in the city. We all awaited with eagerness for their announcement as to which one would come best and that was a must watch for us. Time flies , but some things never change. Asian Paints is one such thing for me. The developer of my dream home , a part of my childhood .

Reading Corner ( also writing)

Reading Corner ( also writing)

As I visited their website recently , I’m really astonished to see the  new  products  and their varied range of paints. I’m really craving to re-decorate my walls and I like these  ideas the best. What I like most that they have strictly followed the ‘Go Green’ concept and their products contain no hazardous raw materials. Green Assure from Asian Paints assures a safer environment and home ambiance for us and our future generations.

I wish to add this extremely helpful video by Asian Paints which shows why actually they are THE best in their field…

All the photos ,except those which are watermarked, have been taken from Asian Paints website or Google.

This is an entry for the The Beautiful Home Blogger Contest in association with Women’s Web ,Asian Paints and Ripple Links


84 responses to “My Home, My Refuge

  1. I have been following your blog from time 2time. The way of presentation is simply marvellous. Hoping to get more articles from you on various aspects of human life. Will be waiting for that


  2. Though you’ve written it for a contest still it has a great personal touch which made it all the more awesome. lovely pics and the line I liked most is ” The Ornament Of A Home Is Its Inhabitants ” Best of luck


  3. Home means where yon get bliss of solitude. It’s just not “HOME” rather LOVE :)…..
    “Koi khud se bhi pyaara hota hai, koi to dil ka sahara hota hai, jaruri nahi zindagi apne liye hi pyaari ho, zindagi me”
    Wonderfully you have achieved mu dear Mani.
    Stay blessed always 🙂


  4. Cool and fluent writing… The way i like most for my leisure time is lying in a divan or sofa and reading book… I wish i could read one of my favorite book lying with all of your cushions didi…. They are cool 🙂


  5. Yes, you are so right about Asian paints being the one we remember as the ‘magic home transformer’ via their ads.

    Also, I do like my peace and quiet, but then after some time, I do want the full house too. And I also noticed your love for cushions, like mine. Good luck for the contest!


  6. You have defined HOME in it’s actual essence. Even I remember Asian Paints from my childhood, the ads were top of the mind quality. Your article is very fluid and lucid, and the personal touch is it’s USP……..:)


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