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Symphony of
words  was woven

The sunshine of heart  was warm

The cacophony of crowd was still

One glance of your eyes, I knew,could kill.

The turbulent waves kissing the shore, went silent

Untimely spring was writing an ode

To one for whom the red carpet was there

A never-ending wait, the distance a million light-year.

Written on the prompt  PU : Mid-week motif ~~ newness

19 responses to “Waiting

  1. This is very well expressed and beautifully crafted. I really enjoyed the idea of spring writing an ode. Nice meeting you here at Poets United, and hope to see you on Sunday for ‘open link’ again!


  2. Neat presence of a winter figure whose eyes accuse the early spring. Very timely for Northern USA and Canada.

    I couldn’t find an email to send this to: Maniparna Sengupta Majumder (should I just use the first name?) This is the second poem you posted at Poets United today, though we usually take only one a week. I will make that clearer on our site. Will you kindly link this poem back to us? Thank you, and thank you for your comments. BTW, my name is Susan, not Alice, though I am a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland.


    • Sorry for posting the first link wrongly. My internet is working very slow and I’m seeing this ” Aww Snap” so many times 😦 . I posted the first link that is # 28 wrongly and I have already clarified it in the comments section . Please remove the #28 link if you can.

      And I know you’re Susan..I know it well . I just wanted to appreciate the use of the rabbit-hole as it was in Alice In Wonderland. Can’t understand why only half of the comment got published making it hilarious and meaningless. 😦


      • Well, now I feel silly! I should have picked up on the Alice compliment. I’m so Sorry! Let’s leave it as is there. Feel free to erase all my comments if you wish. And thank you for joining us at Poets United.


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