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Sirens Spell Danger is the first venture of the trifecta C. Suresh, Radha Sawana and Karthik L. in the world of publication. All three of them are what we call celebloggers (celebrity bloggers) and one who has gone through their blogs will easily understand what the term actually means. The novella contains three different stories by each of them and the common string that binds these stories together is suspense and thrill.
The first story ‘Femme Fatale’ opens with a catching line and from that very moment the reader is trapped! Yes, trapped in an intricate cobweb of mysteries and nail-biting suspense. As the name suggests, the female protagonist of the story, Tanya A.K.A. Ayesha triggers a situation which proves to be almost fatal for Vicky. Vicky has just got selected for the IPS and his scheduled short visit to Bengaluru becomes a nightmare when, through a series of inexplicable incidents he suddenly discovers himself in a state of  incarceration. The story proceeds as different social and political facades are unmasked and, Vicky has to use the last of his willpower, strength and intelligence to solve the deepest intrigue that was about to pose a threat to the country.Tanya plays the perfect role of a Mata Hari, whose name is almost synonymous with the term Femme Fatale. C . Suresh  has his own inimitable style of story-telling and that style is highlighted with streaks of wit and humor. This story  is all along an enjoyable and engrossing read.
Bella Donna by Radha Sawana is another fast-paced, tightly-plotted thriller. I especially loved the trick and ambiguity of the name ‘ Bella Donna’  and, frankly speaking, I loved this story the most. Immaculate plot and unique use of the term ‘ Atropos’  and then a perfect logical and scientific way of solving the mystery of the serial killer. Radha has used her profound knowledge in the field of chemistry to weave the story but even when she has described the minute forensic details or chemical formulae, the reader nowhere finds it boring or something as class-lecture. There lie the lucidity and smoothness of her writing style. There are a few open ends in the story as how in every case a gorgeous lady as Aakriti is, has managed to conceal her identity completely , nobody (neither the employees of the hotel nor that of the farmhouse or apartment ) has ever mentioned even about her slightest presence !  Nitpicking ? you may say that, but I’m very passionate about thrillers.  Nevertheless, I would like to place it among the best thriller stories I’ve read so far.
The last one is Bellary by Karthik L, though has different shades of Indian politics, ISI and mining rivalry but the accentuation later restores on the  Bellary town and the mythical stories that are associated with it. The plot becomes  more mythical than mysterious. It is very predictable at the beginning and the naivety of an experienced IB official surprised me a lot!  He even ignores the ringing of two sirens in the disguise of  innocence and beauty.There are a lot of loose knots and that has made the structure flaccid. Krishna Deva Raya was the emperor of the Vijayanagara kingdom in the early sixteenth century, his descendants who hold a direct bloodline with him…to find them out ..must be a mammoth task! But nowhere there is any  hint on that, how they are accurately traced. However, the story seems enjoyable because the author has a plain and simple style which is fascinating and you would like to know what happened at the end as history and mystery both are interwoven , as well as fantasy.
To conclude, Sirens Spell Danger is one of the best debuts I’ve read so far, more if you’re an avid fan of thrillers and mystery like me. A very enjoyable read over the weekend and is highly recommended. I would like to read more from all three of them. Eagerly waiting for their next venture.
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From my side, it’s 4/5.

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  1. Hi Maniparna,

    Belated thanks for your lovely review!

    Need a small favour from you. I was wondering if you could change the book cover in your blog, now that we have changed it across all platforms (facebook, goodreads and Amazon). Its a part of our rebranding attempt, so we would like the same cover to be present all over the web.

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    • Hi Radha,
      Not a belated one. You’ve already thanked me for the review. there’s a comment of yours below dating back to Dec28, 2013 😀

      Will definitely change the picture, no problem at all. The new cover looks quite intriguing.

      By the way, when are you publishing your next thriller? Let me know… 🙂


  2. Really wonderful review, Maniparna! Now learnt about the CeleBloggers. Congrats to them! Feel privileged to be a part of this elite Blogging community with such talented folks here 🙂


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