Merry Christmas

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On every Christmas  eve I remember the story of the ” The Gift Of The Magi ” . Not for the fact that it is a classic in its genre  by O’ Henry but for that selfless, unconditional love which the protagonists of the story have shown for each other.  The young ,poor husband and wife, Jim and Della sacrificed their greatest possessions ( Della’s knee-length beautiful tresses and Jim’s precious watch ) to buy gifts for each other on Christmas .They are among those who believe that with every gift we share a small part of our hearts . They are the wisest of all, both the giver and the receiver.
A gift becomes precious not by how much money being spent on it but by the love and tenderness with which one wraps it ….only then it becomes a true emblem of your heart .  On this auspicious eve of Christmas let’s spread that gift of love and peace .Happy birthday to you ..Lord Jesus of Nazareth .

very MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my readers and friends out there     🙂

bigpreview_Decorations on the Christmas Tree


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