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Protest Against Smelly Stubble

Stubblesome guys are troublesome ! So even in our Hindu mythology all our greatest male Gods are clean-shaven . They are and will remain our saviours. We worship them as well as adore them .Girls keep a fast on Shiva-raatri  and wish secretly to get a husband who is as handsome and clean-shaven as Lord Shiva.No wonder that the gorgeous and beautiful Devi Pravati fall for him.

Again, Vishnu with a sublime countenance always make us to look  at and worship him with both awe and admiration and he has no stubble. Lord Rama too, along with his three brothers , is without any stubble. ( I wonder how he managed to shave while  he was on exile in the Panchvati forest for fourteen years , but I’m happy that he did). Goddess Lakshmi and Sitadevi must  had liked that look of their respective husbands.


Apart from The Ramayana ,even The Mahabharata also depicted the protagonist characters as extremely handsome and of course, clean-shaven. All the Pandavas and even Lord Krishna kept a clean visage. That must be one of the many reasons that  Draupadi , the most beautiful woman on earth loved all of them ( especially Arjuna) so dearly.
pass-logodownload (3)

What I’m trying to establish by citing these examples is that even the Goddesses , millions of years ago, hated that smelly ,messy stubble and the tradition continues . We, the women of modern age are following their footprints only. As for myself,  hate that unclean stubble too. Even the goddesses considered stubble as unclean and messy ! These Gods are looked after as the quintessence of male beauty and all are clean shaven. In our times also , the clean shaven look of a guy is enough to bowl over a beautiful,intelligent girl. So guys, be God-like…..get rid of your stubble and enjoy the admiration !!

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This is my first post for (P.A.S.S.) and I was tagged  by Sammya Brata 
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34 responses to “P.A.S.S. Ancient To Modern

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  2. Wooahh.. Was going through your posts and this one hooked me… Maniparna how beautifully you have observed the fact that our Hindu Gods are clean shaven. What else can be even more beautiful than this idea.

    Stay blessed my dear. Keep sharing such wonderful ideas 🙂


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  4. Girls keep a fast on Shiva-raatri and wish secretly to get a husband who is as handsome and clean-shaven as Lord Shiva.

    Seriously? Can’t stop laughing at the effect of those two lines.


    • I’ve two prior tags already which I’ve to acknowledge first. Don’t want to disappoint you but if I can manage to write a fourth one only then I can mention about your tag. Hope you’ll understand 🙂


  5. Wonderful Post, Maniparna! 🙂 Gods to the rescue! Goddesses know best!
    Best wishes for the contest 🙂

    Thanks for tagging me! Wish I could! Sorry to disappoint. But, I have exhausted my Quota! 10 is the max we can write… Got 9 tags already & 1 is previous commitment. Managed 4 so far, still many to go!


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