Book Review : Slide by MIchelle Congdon

Evie or Evangeline survived an accident twelve years back. But the experience remained a nightmare to her as she lost her mother and elder brother in it and eventually  her father Rupert Montgomery , a business tycoon, left her in the custody of her grandparents. Since then she became shy, introvert and even the very thought of media and public exposure gave her a shudder and panic attack. The only solace she had was her friend Derek.  Evangeline was compelled to come to New York to settle other family matters where she met Ryan Fox , an extremely handsome Yankee baseball player. Ryan was always full of himself  and annoyingly arrogant and the most notorious womanizer NY had  ever witnessed. In a crux , Ryan was poles apart from Evie and knowing that full well, Evie fell in love with him and Ryan found her ‘ultimate woman’ in Evie.

But Ryan had  a dark past , a secret which he never shared with anybody except his family. As they came closer ,Evie revealed her secrets , her panic attacks ,her guilt-feeling for that fretful accident  to Ryan and found him to be the most compassionate and supportive man she ever met. Things happened in a way that she came to know of Ryan in some other ways and found him vulnerable enough to softer emotions.  It became a dilemma for her  whether she would stand by him or left him. The time they spent together,had wild sex tormented her all the way as she discovered that she loved this awkwardly handsome metro-sexual  man with all his virtues and vices. The story of  Slide  revolves around love and romance and obstacles of life which everybody has to face irrespective of  his/her social status.  It is a flag-bearer to the saying ” love rules the world “. b41de-slidecover-b

Pros : The way Michelle Congdon has developed the character is quite realistic and the array of  emotions which the protagonists  show up through the novel throw an insight to their inner selves. Her way of story-telling is enthralling . The side-kicks like Derek,Connor,  Amelie, Serafin,Gabriel also play their roles in an impeccable manner. The author wants to tell a sweet story of love  and she tells it flawlessly. It is only through true love that one can find happiness . Mutual trust and support is the foundation of this love. I enjoyed reading the book and find it quite recommendable .

Cons : The story sometimes seems to revolve around the same series of events especially the very feelings of Evie on seeing Ryan or being touched by him is monotonous. Moreover,  having  crazy sex is the perpetual remedy to all their problems . Another thing I would like to point out that the mentioned accident of Evie’s life turns out to be ” just an accident”….the plot would have been better had it been some really dark secret or clandestine enmity among business rivals sort of things behind it.

A 4 out of 5 from my side .

As the book contains explicit description of sex  the content is absolutely adult and not recommended for children.

I got an ARC of the book from the author and the b00k  r3vi3w Tours and I’m thankful to them for that.
I also hereby declare that the review is my honest personal opinion and by no means biased .

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