Baby, You Deserve The Best

cute-baby-babies-8777313-500-500I wiggled to fit myself snugly into the curves of my Mom’s pelvis.Then I kicked gently only to hear her voice.I just wanted to know whether she was sleeping or not. Oh! here she is ! again exclaiming with joy as she could feel the kick .” Maa,the baby just kicked me again”. At once I understood that she is now sitting with my grandma who laughs gently and assures her saying that it is quite normal. I smiled too while trying to imagine my mother’s gleeful face . Suddenly I could feel  a hand softly caressing and massaging the lower abdomen. I was sure it was grandma again who does this oil massage religiously every day while my Mom relaxes. I don’t know why she does this but I enjoy this too along with Mom.Today, while she was massaging I could faintly hear her voice. She was saying something in a serious tone. Suddenly Mom said ” Oh Maa,why are you thinking so much and taking so much pain to collect those herbs ?” . Grandma retorted angrily ,”you’ll never understand that”, ” and don’t you dare telling me what should be the best for your child ” she added. I felt amused, Grandma was scolding Mom ! “okay okay” said Mom in a mollifying tone “but how about passing you some information about a massage oil which is equally effective as your home-made one ?” “What !! Are you crazy? I know all about those baby-massage oils. They are full of harmful chemicals which not only give rise to itching and rashes but can also retard baby’s growth”. ” I once came across such an incident where the baby’s mother used to give massage using those fancy,artificially fragrant oils and the poor thing’s development at the most crucial stage was not at all up to the mark..I can’t let myself to incur such blunder” She stopped. My Mom was exasperated ” Oh Maa !!will you please listen to me for once ? Have you ever heard of Dabur Lal Tail ?” “No,what is that?an oil based mixture of chemicals ?”Mom burst out laughing this time,” Dabur Lal Tail contains no chemicals , it is made from all natural ingredients like Till Tel (sesame oil),Ratanjyot, Shankha Pushpi, Camphor and Urad.Aren’t these things sound familiar to you?”she winked .massage
Grandma seemed to be skeptical “Are you sure they use these Ayurvedic (Sanskrit : ayur – life and vedam- knowledge)  Veshaja ( herbs)to develop this product?Our country’s age-long tradition says that these natural ingredients are especially useful for neonatal and also for further development of a baby.We also can find the mention of these herbs in Charaka Samhita .Acharya Charaka ( B.C 300) was one of the main contributors to the ancient research and development of Ayurveda “
” I know Maa” she said patiently, ” regular massaging with an oil which includes all these is sure to improve baby’s growth,blood-circulation,strength of muscle and bones and also helps to fight against skin irritation” ” And believe me as a mother I always want to give my child the best thing , just as you always want for me, so don’t worry. Dabur is making continuous research in this field and they have combined scientific understanding with ancient tradition and heritage of India to develop their products.”
Grandma was relieved , she smiled and said ” So finally my worry is over. I can now stop my frantic search for collecting the right herbs to make a  special home-made massage oil for the baby. Thanks to for developing such an useful product which can help millions of babies to build up their health and develop in the right way ”
” Yes”,said Mom..with Dabur Lal Tail the growth velocity of my little darling will improve and my baby will grow doubly faster ” She was laughing now ,They all were laughing. I could hear her angelic voice . I was happy to have  such a caring family ” I’m coming Mom” I said ” I’m coming” .


     This post is written as an entry for the ” Traditional Knowledge, Natural Growth” contest in association with Indiblogger and Dabur Lal Tail 

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  1. Such a sweet post, Maniparna! Babies are such a delight, no? 🙂 Thank you for visiting my blog and voting for my post in Indivine!
    I wish you all the best for the contest!


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