Society And Women

sex-equalityThere is perhaps no contradiction to the fact that our society is a patriarchal one,and,simultaneously, patrilineal. There is no harm in it unless and until the women folk are looked after as an inferior class and unfortunately this is exactly the mind-set of most of our male counterparts. By the way, I’m here not to discuss about feminism or anything of that sort , I just want to portray the way society looks upon us.
            Gender inequality is not an adequate term to describe the scenario. A small incident that I’ve recently witnessed would perhaps be able to prove the fact that how much our society is obsessed ( rather possessed) with male supremacy. One of my friends ,the only daughter of her parents, recently bought a 2BHK apartment .Before that they were living in a rented house.She proudly declared that she was going to transfer the property in the name of her parents who spent all their savings for her better upbringing and  education.”This is my gift for you”..she said , “for what I’m today,is because of your sacrifice”.It was really the most auspicious moment of life for her parents, a daughter showing her love and respect. But there was more to come.Relatives and friends gritted their teeth saying that it was such a shameful thing to accept such sort of gift from a daughter ! It was quite acceptable to them if a son showed up in this way.But,from a daughter ! oh! how dare she ! She was supposed to coax or coerce her parents for a handsome dowry to get married.She was supposed to leave her parents alone in their old age. It would be all very natural..rather in perfect harmony with the social custom and tradition. But what she had done was almost sacrilegious to one section of the society. The other section,  the ‘enlightened’ one , made preposterous comments like ” She has acted like a son, bravo “.Oh ! God ! give me a break. For once  at least let people identify a woman as an individual..just a human being made of blood and bones.
Everyday,every time a woman faces these problems . Throughout her life she has to prove herself and she has a constant parameter to compare with,the  Male. The criticism hurled towards her is mostly pejorative.She is never a complete human being but a woman . The lack of Y chromosome can only make a person physically weaker and nothing else. As long as people fail to comprehend this, they would never be able to respect women. Consequently, the incidents of rape,molestation and abuse would proliferate . Its high time to diagnose the actual disease and to start the process of recuperation.

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22 responses to “Society And Women

  1. The incident you narrated shows what our society is. For many Indian families there’s nothing worse than “beti ki kamai ka khana”. It’s embarrassing for them. And like I said once earlier, when my son was born, people showered praises not on his chubby cheeks or cute smile (:P) but on the fact that he’s a boy. One friend said, “Achha hua! Ladki hoti toh kitna tension jhelna padta” Why!!! 😦
    Thankfully, our parents didn’t think that way!


  2. That’s quite an interesting example you’ve provided. The prejudices against the female of the species are strongly rooted in India as well as other countries. So strongly that even the equally strong ‘greed’ does not seem to be a good enough rival!


  3. Mindless People will talk about worthless things and they generally do such acts out of jealousy or whatever..But as they say “A son is a son till he takes a wife, a daughter’s a daughter the rest of her life” ,this make so perfect sense..But Most People in India are well established with Narrow mind and I fear they will ever come out of it


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