Durga Puja

1-018Durga Puja in West Bengal is a mega event nowadays. The state capital Kolkata undergoes a makeover during the festive days. The ‘ City of Joy’ becomes a little India . At one end  you can see a small desert with  life size camels and the ‘pandal’ itself is a miniature edition of some famous fort of Rajashthan and at a stone’s throw from the fort stands the Kailash temple or a small village . Kolkata  is sure to dazzle your eyes and rejuvenate your soul during Durga Puja. The decoration of different pandals, the idols of Devi Durga along with her children all are unique in their own ways.

According to the myth , Goddess Durga was created by the combined energy of the  Holy Trinity of Hindu religion ,Brahma-Vishnu-Maheswar (Shiva) to defeat the demon Mahisasura. She is the ultimate incarnation of sublime womanhood. Durga Durgotinashini ( the eliminator of all sufferings) is worshipped by her devotees from Saptami to Dashami( four days) and then the idol is immersed in water . The ritual is called “biswarjana”. In Kolkata the ‘pandals’ and idols are made from all possible things one can imagine….paper,brick,stone,leaf,plastic,flowers,bottles…you name it we have it. An array of creativity along with awesome artistic sense and skill would make you stand with a gaping mouth ! If you have never been in Kolkata during the Puja time , you’re missing something !


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17 responses to “Durga Puja

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  2. I love that it is a festival celebrating a Goddess. How fascinating and exciting! I really liked your photographs here. The Durga Puja sounds and looks like a special celebration, Maniparna. xo

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  3. Lovely post! I was fortunate to witness and participate in the glorious Durga Puja festivities when I was stationed in Fort Williams. 🙂


  4. I have this in my bucket list to visit Kolkata during pooja time.. hell.. this time I got very close to jumping onto my bike and riding all the way from Bangalore. AP border issues and the storm changed my plans..but not for long…

    nice writeup that makes me rethink 🙂


      • I know it has ended.. 😀
        So now the wait is on..Even this year I was not able to go to my Home–Assam as you must have known that Durga Puja is famous in Assam also,so i missed that too.. 😦


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